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Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning and happy TGIF to everybody! I just spent the past 3 hours going through last nights happenings because there was soooo much that happened and so much to cover. So I hope y'all have your coffee in hand and ready to read it all. lol

Ok, so as we know, Sam won HOH during last nights endurance comp. Who is she going to nominate? Nobody knows because she's not telling anyone..not even Tyler or JC. She said she'll just make her noms and then talk afterwards. (Angela told Tyler there's a good chance Haleigh/Kaitlyn could be nominated by Sam this week. We'll see.)

Before I get to the Overnighter, here is the newest Alliance Chart:
Obviously this was done before Winston's eviction, so just ignore him in this chart. Level 6 alliance is now the Level 5 alliance, now that they're sans Winston. Speaking of Winston's eviction, Kaitlyn's "intuition" thinks that Sam used her power to get him out. (*lol)

Sam's power expires this week and it will automatically go to the evicted houseguest. Guess that's a good thing about her winning HOH. Bayliegh's power app can screw with Sam's noms this week but Bayleigh said last night that she doesn't plan on using it this week.

As I posted yesterday during the live show post, Brett's final speech threw Rockstar under the bus by lying about Rockstar approaching him and saying she's going to throw the vote and blame it on Kaitlyn. Rockstar spent all night ping-ponging from crying, to wanting to quit BB, to banging pots while singing how Brett has a micro-penis. I'm not kidding.


Brett was unphased and just clapped along, which made Angie more upset as time went on. My favorite quote from last night was from Brett...

Brett: "You think this is the first time I have been locked in a house with a girl that's been pissed at me?" (*lol)

Later on, Brett said he didn't mind getting yelled at, but he didn't like that Rockstar made it personal and brought her kids into it (during the live show when she kept saying it was her "daughters birthday", which was a little lie but she admitted it's actually today).

At 8:42pm BBT, Kaitlyn asked Haleigh if she flipped the vote.

Kaitlyn: "Was it you? Swear on your mom.."
Haleigh: "I'm never swearing on my mom."
Kaitlyn: Haleigh, come on.. It was you.. Clearly."
Haleigh: "It wasn't me."
Kaitlyn: "Oh my gosh, you're smiling, I can tell it was you! You won't swear on my mom!"
Haleigh: "I'm telling you I didn't flip. I also don't appreciate you putting me on the spot when there's several other people in the room, you always do that. I'm telling you I didn't do it, and you're not believing me."

A few minutes later, Kaitlyn said Rockstar is reacting in a weird way. Haleigh agreed and said that's what makes her think she did flip.

Later on at 9:15 PM BBT, Haleigh told Bayleigh that she didn't appreciate Kaitlyn asking who she voted for in front of Brett.

9:54pm BBT:
Rockstar is crying to Rachel about Brett.

Rockstar: "I don't know why this rich, snobby, white-privilege a** f*cking targeting me, a working mom."

10:32pm BBT:
Sam is talking to Tyler/JC about noms.
She said she's not saying who they are to anyone and they'll find out tomorrow. JC said it's against the rules anyway (to tell the noms they're going to be nominated). Tyler interjects with saying that HOH's can do it in a roundabout way, like saying "I'm thinking of.." nominating so-and-so.

10:59pm BBT:
Faysal confronted JC about who the two were that flipped the votes.

JC says one of the flippers is Kaitlyn. (*lol!)

Later on, Kaitlyn confronted Faysal for acting weird. He said that 2 people are lying to him. Kaitlyn says she only trusts him and Tyler. Faysal says he doesn't trust anyone, including Kaitlyn.

11:38pm BBT:
Tyler/JC talk in the storage room.

JC said they need Kaitlyn out this week and how he told Fessy it was Kaitlyn that did the vote flip. JC said that controlling everyone has been "easy" so far, knock on wood (and then JC knocks on the cabinets).

11:46pm BBT:
Sam's HOH reveal. She cried upon seeing pics of her family.

Sam got her and her brother's favorite BBQ sauce, cornbread, grits and meatloaf, mac n cheese, filet mignon, zebra cakes, lip gloss, nail polish, and Funyuns. (*A girl after my heart with those Funyuns. lol)

Sam said she doesn't like that this time of week everyone freaks out and she doesn't want that. She told everyone she's not doing one on ones this week, she already knows who she wants to put up and she's not allowed to say anyway.

11:57pm BBT:
Everyone left the HOH room one by one, with Tyler/Scottie last to leave. They both give her hugs before departing.

Tyler: "Enjoy your HOH."
Sam: "Thanks, babe!"

Sam to camera: "And then there was one. Just one."

12:05am BBT:
Rockstar saying she is over it "take me out, I'm done". (*Really, Rockstar? Really? *sigh*)
She continues to say she wants to give up. Kaitlyn talked her out of quitting.

Rockstar: "I'm just here trying to get a f*cking down payment on a house. F* this dude. F* him. F* him. F* him and i don't care who hears!"

(Then she does the banging pots thing over an hour later. She cannot let this go & she's just making a fool of herself while severely damaging her game in the process.)

12:50am BBT:
Brett/Tyler/Angela are talking about if Sam would be down for backdooring Rockstar this week if given the chance.

Brett: "I'd be so down for that."

Angela said that Rockstar is bullying Brett and in order to get Sam to backdoor her, they have to play on the fact that Sam doesn't like bad people and make it known that Rockstar "genuinely" isn't a good person.

Meanwhile in the lounge room, Bayleigh has had enough of Kaitlyn (who was saying she thinks Sam's power was used for the flip votes) and said that Kaitlyn was getting defensive when she (B) disagreed, then said she was "bullying" and dragging her (Bay) into drama that has nothing to do with her.

Kaitlyn: "Bullying?!"

Bay got up and is headed out the lounge room door at this point. Bay then went and cried to her babysitter, Tyler, about all of it.

Fast-forward to...

1:47am BBT:
Rockstar is downstairs banging pots again, as JC/Tyler are leaving the HOH room.
Sidenote: Am I the only one noticing chemistry between Sam/Tyler?? She's winking at him twice, they give long hugs, big smiles...*swoon* I hope (outside the house) they become a thing. Or at the very least, best friends.

Sam: "Tyler honey, I love you."
Tyler turns around and comes back in to hug her.
Tyler: "I love you too."
Sam: "I'll be ok."

1:55am BBT:
Off-her-rocker Rockstar Angie is still going at it.

Sam comes downstairs and asks Angie to knock it off at 2am and then resume in the morning.(*lol!)

Angie: "I'm just REALLY excited that Brett's here. He's my best friend!" (*She's really lost it. No joke.)
Sam: " affects the whole house.."

Kaitlyn was irritated that it interrupted her meditating session in the other room. lol

**And that's it for this Overnighter!! We finally hit the point in the season where the gloves are off and the real personalities are coming out. As Evel Dick said last night on Twitter, this is the best BB season in YEARS and I couldn't agree more!! You can watch everything I posted if you have live feeds & go to the "Flashback" section. Enter the date (Thursday July 19th/Friday July 20th) to see everything. Pheww...I'm exhausted! Okay guys, I'll be back later with the Nomination Ceremony results. See y'all then!!

Stay tuned...
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Mike Slagley said...

I'm not entirely sure Sam is single. I was looking at her IG and she had a serious bf as recently as a few months ago.

MH said...

Did you see Sams brother? Totally reminds me of Tyler. I think Sam sees Tyler in that brotherly love kind of way (hence the good relationship there).

Freaking so ecstatic about this season. Finally....a house that isn’t full of sheep. People aren’t afraid to vote how they want.

We have been so used to seasons of B.B... where.... you knew who was going home the following week the minute the HoH was determined on Thursday night.

Paul really almost made me stop watching this show....because it literally was no longer the social game I used to know and love.


Jen said...

Finally a GAME of Big Brother! I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS! No more “I have to vote with the house” BS! It’s awesome. I have to be honest and say Tyler is really surprising me, in a good way. When they did his bio/intro, I though “great another dumb surfer dude,” but this guy’s wheels are always turning. My heart goes out to Fessy, he is loyal to a fault and it is messing up his game. Well, that and he came out strong and swinging.
I wish Sam had used her power last week for two reasons. 1) shake things up and keep Level 6 (now 5) strong and 2) to not have a waste of an HOH if she won, which she did.
I’m waiting like crazy for you to post the nomination spoiler because I don’t understand her noms at all, and I know you will explain it.
Lastly, please get Angie (I can’t call her Rockstar) and Kaitlin out of that house! I love me some BB drama, but not like that.
And a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JAMIE! I’ve been following your blog for 4 years now. You are the best!

Jen said...

Also, Scottie is the Ultimate Floater and now he has a power trip. I need him gone too. He only put up the bros so he didn’t have to reveal himself as a floater. I really do not like him.

Jamie said...

hey Jen!! Thanks for being with me all these years, doll! xx

Jen said...

I take back my comment from earlier. An old BB app I had said she nominated Tyler and I was like WHAT?

Also, I’d like to see more of Kaycee. She seems like a solid player, but I tend to forget she’s there!

And, you are most welcome, Jamie! I’m actually buying CBS All Access through you soon!

Unknown said...

I agree 100% this season reminds me of the good old days of big brother##Great job casting!

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