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Friday, July 20, 2018

Nominations Ceremony Results

At 2:12pm BBT, the feeds came back and we learned who HOH Sam nominted for eviction this week. Let's see who's on the block:

Nominated for Eviction is:


This isn't really a shocker since this was guessed last night (I covered it in the Overnighter this morning). What is interesting, is that Sam had a talk with Brett today and's that conversation..

11:51am BBT:
Sam told Kaycee/Rachel/Brett that she's not nominating Rockstar because it's most likely gonna happen next week and could possibly blow up in her face this week (with her power app coming into play automatically). But she did leave the option open for a Rockstar backdoor.

Sam: "And if you really, really want (me to backdoor Rockstar), then win Veto."
Brett: "Yeah?"
Sam:"..because then I'd have to think of something else."
Brett: "Okay."

Rachel laughs.

In other news, Sam apparently told Kaitlyn/Haleigh during the nom ceremony that they are the opposite of "female empowerment" with them always hanging all over the guys and wearing stuff too big so it falls off of their bodies, etc. Of course this brought Kaitlyn to tears once the feeds came back on (*shocker. lol), as Haleigh was whining about being "done" with BB because she thinks she'll go home on Thursday if she's still sitting next to Kaitlyn. (Sam also wanted to break up another "duo", and she considers Kaitlyn/Hal a duo in the game.) If you're wondering who the target is this week, Sam doesn't have one and said "they're interchangeable" to her. So we'll just have to see how this week plays out!

Okay, I'm outta here for the night so have a great Friday evening & I'll meet y'all back here tomorrow morning with The Overnighter. If you're not doing anything tonight and you're bored, give the $6/month live feeds a try! Nothing to download, takes 3 mins to do and you can watch on your cell/laptop/whatever.

Stay tuned...
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Jen said...

I love that Sam is a straight shooter! Kaitlin’s dramatics and 7th eye are getting on my nerves. I didn’t care for Angie before, now I really don’t like her. I can’t wait to see how this week goes. Hopefully we say bye-bye to Kaitlin and she fails the attempt to get back in the house.

Imdaturtle4u said...

I love Sam! I don’t watch the feeds so I rely on your blog to fill me in to the happenings :-) but she seems to be playing the way I love to see people playing (once she got over her tears from the first week). She is kind but honest and she plays her game pretty close to her vest from what I can tell.

Busy Bee Beekeeping Supplies said...

Im confused how Sam's expiring power app works this week. Is it going to affect her HOH this week?

Leah Pants said...

WOW. Wooooooow. This season is great

Dianne said...

The only one who has an inkling about Tyler is Scottie, he'll be next to go after Sam's HOH if Tyler's side is in power. Scottie is messy, but I'm going to have to root for him as I don't want Tyler to win BB20 without a challenge.

Carrie Thompson said...

So great!

Carrie Thompson said...

I’m so blown away by Sam right now. I really hope she makes it far in this game. She’s my pick for winner. And I think we are also all sleeping on Kaycee.

Lori Everhart said...

Ya she didn't use it so who ever is evicted will have the automatic chance to get back in

Unknown said...


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