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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Afternoon in the BB20 House

Good evening, everyone! So I'm typing this afternoon post up before my laptop dies, as I see my charger just crapped out on me (I'll go get a new one in the morning sometime, so the Overnighter will be more around noon tomorrow ET).

Okay, so it seems like there's an All-Girls Alliance now (I give it less than a week, and I'm being generous at that) before that falls apart. It's never been done and while I hope it can be done, I have my doubts. Major doubts, especially because Kaitlyn's involved. Even Haleigh mentioned (to Bayleigh) that the alliance is too big and Kaycee/Angela told each other they don't trust the other girls. Yea, this isn't gonna last long. lol

So to summarize this afternoon really quickly...

Sam made Jug Wine (*I wonder if BB will actually let them drink it when it's ready) today, using a condom as a balloon. (12:16pm BBT)

In other news, it seems that JC/Bayleigh patched things up but like I predicted this morning, it made TMZ today.

As far as the votes go, nope...I'm not even gonna weigh in because this house flip flops literally hourly. I'm done chasing the votes down and wondering if any of them are lying. lol So, it'll be a surprise tomorrow night! I like that, though. After seasons of voting unanimously, this is refreshing to have a close vote.

JC is running around telling people he has a power that lasts for a long time in hopes of it scaring people from putting him on the block.

**Okay I gotta end the afternoon post here, but I'll be on my phone on Twitter tonight with y'all. Until tomorrow, goodnight!!

Stay tuned...
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Brian Wallace said...

Season 6 had a pretty strong girls alliance.

Mama B said...

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is sooooo annoying!!!!!! She was going off on Winston/Brett calling them out for lying in the house and getting mad for suggesting to put her up. HELLO! Did YOU not lie to Swaggy and blind side him? Pot calling kettle black situation 110%. And Scottie is sort of creeping me out.

MH said...

Scottie definitely got HoH-itis.
It’s amazing how power can change a person.

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