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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday: The Overnighter

Happy Thursday, y'all! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July and is ready for tonight's live Big Brother eviction show! Who will get evicted? Will it be Steve? Or will it be Sam and then be forced to use her Bonus Life to "have a chance" to stay in the game? What does "have a chance" even mean?? We'll get the answers to all these questions tonight at 9pm ET!

Last night, Tyler dropped the bomb on his Level 6 alliance, telling them that Sam has the Bonus Life power and so "Sam isn't going anywhere". The alliance was shocked and excited to hear this, but there's just one problem: they still need 1 more vote. As I've been reporting, Tyler's been working on Kaityln's vote to keep Sam and Kaitlyn's alliance is aware that if anyone from their alliance would flip, it'd be Kaitlyn. So today, Tyler's gonna keep pressing on Kaitlyn to flip and get that much needed vote so that  (1) Sam doesn't have to use her power and (2) Sam could use the power in the future on anyone in the Level 6 alliance if need be.

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11:54pm BBT:
Tyler came up with a strategy for tonight's live vote: if his hair is down, then vote STEVE out. If his hair is up, then vote SAM out.

Tyler: "If it's down, it's goin' down."

At 12:01am BBT in the HOH Room:

Tyler: "Rockstar doesn't f*cking have (the power) ,dude."
Rachel: "How do you know?"
Tyler: "Cuz I f*cking know!"
Rachel: "Tyler!"
Tyler: "Think about all the f*cking options! Sam has the f*cking power, dammit! I'm trying to get the 7th f*cking vote so she doesn't have to use it and keeps her group safe! She's not goin' anywhere regardless!"

They all hug and are excited to hear the news.

Winston: "That's the first relief I've felt all week. Group hug! Group hug!"
Tyler: "She told me not to tell anybody. She's..Not. Going. Anywhere."

Tyler mentioned that if there's a replacement nom needed, he's still gonna put up Bayleigh as the replacement nom.

Sidenote: Tyler told Kaycee that Sam has the Bonus Life power prior to this HOH meeting and tried to get Sam to tell Kaycee herself but I don't think she did (not that I saw anyway.)

JC worked on Haleigh earlier (10:03pm BBT Cam 2) to get her to vote to evict Steve this week and keep Sam, as Haleigh pushed back saying that Steve doesn't have a side so he could be a number on their side. Doesn't sound like JC sold Haleigh on the idea, though.

JC also worked on Haleigh a few times yesterday, including telling her that if she votes Steve out (instead of Sam, which she's planning to do), Swaggy C wouldn't come after her anyway because they're would be bigger fish to fry before her.

Well, that's it for The Overnighter! There were lots of scrambling on votes all day but this is where we're at now and just have to wait and see if Tyler can get Kaitlyn firmly onboard with getting Steve out instead of Sam.

Tonight's live show will be at 9pm ET and it'll definitely be a good one! I love going into a live show not knowing who's gonna leave or what's gonna happen. It's rather refreshing!! So, who do you guys and gals wanna see get voted out tonight? Vote for your answer on the new poll on the right side of the blog! Until then, enjoy watching Tyler trying to work on Kaitlyn's vote today on the live feeds!

Stay tuned...
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StacieKnits said...

I would LOVE to see Steve go because I adore Sam, and I don't want her to have to use her power so soon in the game. I, too, agree about this season. There has been more game play in a single overnighter post than ALL of last season!

Danielle Lum, APR said...

I like Sam. But I’m so sick of the “old guy” on he cast always getting the boot first. I’d love to see Sam get evicted, use her power, Bayleigh get put up as a replacement nom, then go out the door.

Now that would be some exciting B.B.!

Razldazlrr said...

They are fools thought not to vote sam out, make her use her power so she doesn't have it for later. And she was not smart to tell Tyler she had it.

Lisa Plotner said...

Agreed StacieKnits! It's been great seeing game play already & not the oh, the HOH said to vote that person out? Okay, so back to tanning in the backyard till eviction night.

Denise Newman said...

Sam is annoying. She acts like she's 12.

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