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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday Night Live Eviction

Good evening ladies & gents and welcome to the 1st live eviction of the Big Brother 20 season!! As I posted earlier, Tyler only needed to get one more vote and it appears that he might have been successful with Kaityln! So how did he do it? Well, he told Kaitlyn that Swaggy (Chris) said that Kaitlyn is on the bottom of the totem pole in that alliance.

At 2:44pm BBT,  Kaitlyn told Tyler she's voting out Steve. Tyler told Kaitlyn to still act like she's part of her original alliance while voting Steve out. Kaitlyn said that she would put up Swaggy/Faysal if she wins HOH tonight but earlier in the day, she told Tyler she'd put up Swaggy/Bayleigh, so who knows what she'd actually do but seems that she'd gun after Swaggy either way.

Winston told Angela that he thinks Scottie might know they're flipping the votes because Kaitlyn was talking about it in front of him and she thought he was sleeping. I'm only reporting this in case it becomes an issue later on.

Okay, it's time to find out if Kaitlyn is still onboard with voting Steve out and see if the votes are there to get Steve out, while saving Sam and her special power! Show starts at 9pm ET, so make sure you have your snackies ready to go! I'll be live blogging tonight's episode as usual, so make sure to refresh the page periodically for updates.

9:00pm ET: 
Show begins...

9:05pm ET:
Julie said that Sam would have to win a "live challenge" tonight if she's evicted.

9:11pm ET:
Showing the whole Faysal/Hayleigh/Kaitlyn love triangle.

9:18pm ET:
Tyler said in the DR that Kaitlyn being upset over the Faysal/Hayleigh thing (and seeking him out to comfort her) couldn't have been better timing.

9:19pm ET: 
Audio problem on live show as Julie takes us to commercial.

9:22pm ET:
Steve/Sam giving their speeches and now it's time for the votes! (Tyler's hair is down, which means to vote Steve out.)

The Votes:
Scottie votes to evict...SAM
JC votes to evict...STEVE
Swaggy C votes to evict...SAM
Bayleigh votes to evict...SAM
Rachel votes to evict...STEVE
Kaycee votes to evict...STEVE
Faysal votes to evict...SAM
Hayleigh votes to evict...SAM
Angela votes to evict...STEVE
Brett votes to evict...STEVE
Winston votes to evict...STEVE
Kaitlyn votes to evict...STEVE
Rockstar votes to evict...SAM

1st HG Evicted from the BB20 House is:


Swaggy and Bayleigh are shook!!!

9:39pm ET:
Julie's interviewing Steve. He said he's shocked because he was "more than confident" he'd stay. Steve said he can't wait to watch the rest of the BB20 season and see how it all plays out. (*What a good sport!)

9:44pm ET:
Commercial break.

9:49pm ET:
Time for the HOH Comp!

The Winner of the HOH Comp is:

Looks like Swaggy and Bayleigh will be in trouble this week.

That's it for this live eviction!! Now it's time to turn on the $6/month llive feeds and watch the houseguests!! Goodnight!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Nichole Meerleveld said...

Tyler has his hair down so that means Steve is a goner, right??

Jamie said...


Steve Robbins said...

Ha! Swaggy's an arrogant creep. Love that reaction!

Unknown said...

I love Sam and Tyler!!!

angie said...

Swaggy doesn't look quite so swaggy now!

BBWatcher said...

I really hope Swaggy is the next one out.

Jamie said...

If she sticks to what she told Tyler, he's in danger this week for sure.

Jeff said...

I’m happy it wasn’t unanimous vote. I hate when people feel they have to do that. Vote for who you want out. Votes change all the time

Linda said...

Oh no, a whole week of having to listen to Kaitlyn :(

BBWatcher said...

It does sound like it. Maybe she will do it.

Nicole said...

Swaggy is irritating but he makes for good tv so I don’t want him out just yet. I don’t want one side to run over the other side.

Dianne said...

I don't know why Sam is popular, she's too whiny.

Denise Newman said...

Big brother becomes more and more cheesy. Zing bots, robots, childish group names. Sam voice alone drives me crazy. It has become show for preteens.

Unknown said...

Long week ahead with Kaitlyn as HOH-
They are editing her to make sure she comes across as a wacko! Looking forward to
Seeing Swaggy squirm this week- wonder if he has any clothes without “Swaggy” on them.

Denise Newman said...


Unknown said...

Should we see a connection between Kaitlyn wanting to put up Baileigh, Swaggy; backdoor Swaggy and singing the song that has the N word in it. Hmmm

Psalms46:10 said...

I like Sam. I see how she could be irritaring to some as being too whiny but she has a kind of “innocence” to her and I like that.
Swaggy does make for good tv right now.
Tyler is playing a good game, way better than I thought he would.
I want to see Kaycee step it up though.
She seems like she could dominate but she’s just going along with the crowd and not making moves or thinking on her own. I thought she would be the one to be in kind of a BeastMode from the start.
JustMyThoughts :-)

Jamie said...

Unknown..yea, the fact that they're in a showmance..a a good reason to split them up.

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