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Friday, July 6, 2018

Overnighter Lite & Morning in the BB House

Happy TGIF, y'all!! As I posted early this morning on the FB group and on Twitter, I had an appointment this morning and was going to be late doing the Overnighter. What I didn't know, was that so much talking would've gone on inside the BB house while I was away. I was keeping tabs as I was out and about.

So without spending hours on the Overnighter and morning chatter, I'll just get right down to the bare bones of it all, especially because today we have the BB App Store thing and then Nominations later today.

Oh, before I get to all that, here's an updated Alliance Chart:

Okay, so.... Kaitlyn (HOH) is planning to backdoor Swaggy this week, with Winston/Scottie up as original noms. As long as one of them can come down, Swaggy is going up.

Kaitlyn told Winston that he's going up but that her plan is to BD Swaggy this week. He said he trust her. She also told Scottie that she may put him (S) up too but that 'Winston is the target' (he's not). She then lied and said Angela would be the replacement nom if need be. (It'd be Swaggy, though.)

In controversy news, Twitter blew up because Kaitlyn was reciting a song by a singer named Drake which included the n-word. of course, its already up on TMZ. (*We're only 1 week into this season and there's 3 stories on BB20 already. That's gotta be a record.) Here's the TMZ article.

Okie dokie, I'll be back later with the Nominations Ceremony spoiler and hopefully we figure out who won the BB App Store prize this week.

With Kaityln as HOH, I expect nothing less than absolute chaos. lol So if you haven't yet snagged up your $6/month live feeds, now would be the time to get'em!! lol

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

Sorry but Sam's voice and constant whining drive me crazy and she talks sooooo slow.........

Guessing Kaitlyn is going to be sorry at some point that she voted out steve - she is for sure at the bottom of the cool kids list

I think my favorite at this point is Scottie - who said he is from Chicago but in reality from Shorewood which is another planet from Chicago (where I live) - I had to look it up - the town is about 1 1/2 hours from the city

Unknown said...

Oh don’t be sorry Sam drives me nuts too. Gosh I hope she gets voted out soon.

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