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Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning & happy TGIF!! Today is Friday, which means that today HOH Scottie will have his nomination ceremony in the afternoon at some point . When Scottie won HOH, I thought "I have no clue who he's gonna put up..hmm..." and well, it seems that he's gonna be putting up Winston/Brett, aka "The Bros" this week.

Tyler/JC/Angel/Kaycee all tried to get Scottie to put up Rockstar Angie this week, but Scottie's not having it. Throughout Scottie's one-on-one talks last night, he confirmed that Sam/Rockstar/Bayleigh/Haleigh are all safe this week from going up/getting evicted. That didn't stop Tyler from trying every angle possible to get Rockstar up and out this week, though.

The feeds were active up until 4am BBT (which is 7am ET), and there's soooo much to cover, that I'll have to do cliffnotes for this Overnighter. If you have the live feeds, I'll give you the times to use for the Flashback feature on the feedsto go watch the convos yourselves when you have the time.

Before I get to the Overnighter, I wanted to post the newest Alliance Chart by @89RazorSkate20 on Twitter:
He's the best!

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it in sections!

*Scottie voted Swaggy out as we know, all while wearing a Swaggy C shirt. (*which is just epic lol)
*everyone thinks Haleigh did it. (*not sure if this was Scottie's plan or not)
*Haliegh told Rockstar Angie that she thinks Scottie is framing her with the vote.
*Winston thanked Haleigh for her vote. (*that's hilarious.)
*Winston's bro, Brett, thought that Tyler got Haleigh to vote Swaggy out. (*nope)
*Haleigh told Faysal that she didn't vote Swaggy out.
*Rockstar has caught on to Scottie and thinks he's the one who voted out Swaggy. (*yep)
*Bayleigh is already getting her head into the game and said she's ready to week 3.
*Scottie confirmed to Faysal that Sam/Rockstar/Bayleigh/Haleigh are safe this week.
*Kaitlyn offered to be a pawn this week since she put Scottie on the block last week as a pawn.

8:48pm BBT:
Scottie told Tyler he wants to "even the sides" this week and his noms will do that.

Scottie: "I think the best thing for me to do (this week), is go on a Steve vendetta. That way, nobody could blame me."

He then admitted to Tyler that it was in fact him that voted Swaggy out. Tyler called him savage (*haha) for doing it while wearing his Swaggy C shirt.

9:19pm BBT:
JC/Tyler talk about how to get Scottie to target Rockstar this week with either Angela/Rachel as he 2nd nom.
Tyler said that JC is good with Scottie so he should try to get him to put up Rockstar. Tyler wanted to wait to see who Scottie wanted to put up for noms, but JC reminds him that they don't have much time since noms are today (Friday). JC hopes that Rockstar doesn't win veto this week, leave options open.

12:05am BBT:
Angela/Kaycee try to sway Scottie into putting Rockstar up this week.

Angela reminds Scotty that Rockstar wouldn't play for him going forward in the game, while others would. Angela says that she can't see Rockstar winning an HOH or a veto comp. Scottie said he's gonna talk to everybody and figure out his plans for this week.

12:24am BBT:
Sam told Scottie how Winston told her he voted to keep Sam week 1. Scottie said that's now Winston told him (*uh oh, Winston.) Sam tells Scottie she'll support whatever he wants to do this week. The hug. She leaves. Angie enters for her one-on-one talk.

12:27am BBT:
Scottie tells Angie that he caught Winston in a lie.

Angie tells Scottie to target Winston/Brett.

12:50am BBT:
Scottie tells Haleigh he might put up Winston/Brett.

2:03am BBT:
Bayleigh pitched Tyler/Kailtyn's names for noms. (*as expected)

2:20am BBT:
Scottie is wondering what he'd do if Winston or Brett had the power and used it to save themselves and the other one wins veto, he woudn't know what to do. (*As we know, Sam/Tyler are the 2 with the powers). Tyler then tries a different angle, saying that Rockstar would be a good pawn (*lol) but Scottie dismissed that idea because she's a vote (for whatever he wants to do this week) and he wants to utilize that vote.  Scottie said he has no plans to do a backdoor this week at all.
Tyler goes to work on Scottie again, mentioning Rockstar's name by saying that Kailtyn thinks Rockstar has been going around the house telling everyone that it was him (Scottie) that flipped the vote week 1 but Scottie says that Winston is lying to either him or Sam because their stories aren't matching up. He wants to break up the bros because they're a duo. (*Smart.)

3:00am BBT:
Kaitlyn tells Scottie that Winston/Brett voted Steve out week 1. (*Which is true.) Scottie said he wants to talk to them.

3:07am BBT:
Scottie talks to Winston. Winston said he didn't like to him (Scottie) and that he lied to Sam (*lol) so that she'd keep him this week.

3:29am BBT:
Brett (lies) to Scottie and says the 2 people who flipped on Week 1 was Rockstar/Haleigh.

*And that's it for the Overnighter! So it seems that Scottie did all the talks he needed and wanted to do last night, and today he will have the Nomination Ceremony. At this point, I expect Winston/Brett to go up with Winston being the target (though I don't think he really cares which one goes home, as long as the duo is split up). I'll be back later on with the Nomination Ceremony spoiler. Until then, enjoy the always entertaining $6 live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Mike Slagley said...

Scottie has the right idea. Rockstar is low hanging fruit at this point. Now is the time to get out someone that can actually win a comp.

Razldazlrr said...

Sooooo glad that Scottie won and not Rachel last night. He is doing his own thing and not being manipulated by Tyler, which I love! Yes - put up Winston/Brett - both are just hot air. What was with Brett? wearing no shirt last night? Happy to see either one of them go and wish they could take miss life coach with them.

Scottie is smart enough to know he has to start getting people from the other side and knows getting rid of Rockstar has no benefits for him!

michelaine said...

Slow down, Bay. Don't play too hard, too fast. LMAO

HurlyBurly said...

If only Rachel was better at math - doh! What was that thing she was doing with her fingers?! Is that the new math:) You could tell right there she was going WAY too high!

Jamie said...

Hurly: I don't know what kind of wacked math Rach was doing but I was like gurrrl...what are you doing?!! lol

Mike: agree. Rockstar is low hanging fruit for sure.

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