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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thursday Night Live Eviction Episode

Good evening, BB addicts! Tonight's live eviction show starts at 9pm ET as usual and unless something drastic happened while the live feeds were off, then we can still expect Swaggy to get evicted. After that, we'll see the HG's battle it out in the HOH Comp to determine who will run the house this week.

Okie dokie, go grab your snackies and drink(s) of choice and meet me back here at 9pm ET when the show starts! I'll be live-blogging for y'all that can't watch the episode, so don't worry..I got you. ;)

9:00pm ET:
Show begins...

9:22pm ET:
Swaggy/Winston give their final speeches.

The Votes:
Bayleigh votes to evict...WINSTON
Brett votes to evict...SWAGGY
Kaycee votes to evict...SWAGGY
Tyler votes to evict...SWAGGY
Rockstar votes to evict...WINSTON
Haleigh votes to evict...WINSTON
Faysal votes to evict...WINSTON
Scottie votes to evict...SWAGGY
JC votes to evict...SWAGGY
Angela votes to evict...SWAGGY
Rachel votes to evict...SWAGGY
Sam votes to evict...SWAGGY

Evicted from the BB House is:

9:39pm ET:
Julie told Swaggy that Haleigh voted to keep him. Swaggy said he didn't hug her on his way out and actually pushed her away. Uh oh. lol

Bayleigh said "I love you" in her goodbye video. Aww. Swaggy said they told each other 'I Love You' last night and that he does love her. After seeing Tyler's message, Swaggy said he won't make it to the end and to not talk to him outside the BB house. Eek.

Julie said this is the last week for the BB App Store power twist. (*I'm happy about that.)

9:48pm ET:
Time for the HOH Comp!

9:57pm ET:
In a tie-breaker between Scottie VS Rachel...

The New HOH is:


*End of Show*

Back to the $6 live feeds I go!! Goodnight, y'all!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Mama B said...

Omg Kaitlyn—- stop the crying and own your choice!!!

M T said...

After seeing swaggys diary room sessions.....I really hope he is the one gone....just not a good person in my opinion

Carrie Rieck said...

Swaggy would have been a bitter jury member

Jamie said...

definitely agree, Carrie!

Rauni Whiz said...

Anybody see the commercial for Kevin Hart's show featuring Tyler next week?

Jeff - Louisville, KY said...

Doesn’t appear Chris will be battling back given the fact Julie told him about Haliegh’s vote and hearing about Level 6 from Tyler’s goodbye message.

That was great showing him his own audition video where he basically said to win you stay in the middle of the pack. LOL! Then he gets all bitter about Tyler getting him evicted. Bye bye.

BBWatcher said...

Woo Hoo, Swaggy is gone!!!!

MirrG said...

Sooo glad he's gone. I cannot stand that narcissistic attitude!!

TeriPie said...

I couldn't watch one more episode with swaggy! Go tyler!

Mama B said...

We were sleeping on Scottie!!!! Did you hear Swaggy tell Julie that "Scottie came up with the idea of all of us wearing the Swaggy C shirts"? SAVAGE!! He wore that Swaggy C shirt and STILL voted him out LOLOL.

UnionGrl said...

Yeah, back to Kevin Hart's new show - how is Tyler on it? Does he get booted or was this all filmed before BB? I'm spinning here, I would HATE that Tyler was evicted or will be evicted - whatever tense is correct.

Is it just me or is Namaste a gigantic drip? The more I see the less I like and I didn't have far to go. The clinging, the crying, the Valley speak - she is working my last nerve!

Jamie said...

Multiple HG's played TKO before entering the house.
My guess is that CBS picked the most interesting/popular HG's (such as Tyler) and showed his tape.

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