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Friday, July 13, 2018

Afternoon Update + BB App + Noms

Good evening, ladies & gents! Just a little bit ago (6:18pm BBT), the live feeds came back from the HG's having their Nomination Ceremony. Before I get to the noms, let's see what happened today really quick.

This morning, Scottie told Faysal that Winston/Brett continued to lie to him last night (about voting Steve out) and Scottie said that it was actually Brett who was more convincing. (Last night after Brett left, Scottie talked to himself and wondered if Brett was "misting" him.) So Scottie seems to think that Brett is the worse of the 2 and seems to be his target this week.

At 1:26pm BBT, the feeds returned from the BB App Store twist. 

*Bayleigh won "Identify Theft" (for being most trending). She can change noms before any nomination
ceremony up until the Final 8. The weird part is that the HOH can't let on that the noms weren't their own. How that's gonna work, I dunno. But the HOH will have the usual power of making a replacement nom if need be.

*Haleigh got the crap app called "Hamlet App". Sounds like she has to perform Shakespeare plays??

Speaking of BB App Store, Sam said she's not using her power this week, which means that next week (4th evicted) automatically gets the chance to come back.

In other news...
JC tried again to get Rockstar up on the block, but Scottie still wasn't interested in it. Interestingly enough, around 2:52pm BBT, Bayleigh mentioned Rockstar to Scottie.
Bayleigh: "Let me just say this..nothing I say in this room, leaves this room."
Scottie agrees.

Bayleigh: "Swaggy told me that the very first week, Rockstar approached him and was like 'you should flip the vote' just so that they think know...Rockstar wanted to make it even and obviously Swaggy was like 'hell no'. and so, Rockstar shut up. So it was just a thought, that's all I know. I don't think it happened, I really do believe she voted for Steve to stay."

Why she bought this up pre-noms, I don't know.

Then at 4:25pm BBT, both Bayleigh and JC talked badly about Rockstar and how she's "playing for
herself". (*I have no idea why Bayleigh is seemingly against Rockstar now.)

The feeds returned at 6:18pm BBT from the HG's having their Nomination Ceremony...

Nominated for Eviction is:

So, Scottie stuck with his original plan of putting up 'the bros'. Scottie told Kaitlyn that she'll be the renom (pawn) if either Winston or Brett win veto tomorrow (*remember, she offered since she put up Scottie as a pawn last week.)

Scottie told Bayleigh the noms beforehand, so she had no interest in changing them this week with her new BB app power.

And that's it for the Afternoon/Noms post!! Tomorrow, I'll be back in the morning with a fresh new Overnigher for y'all, so make sure to come back for that. Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Marko said...

Oh poor Tyler could not control HOH this week!

Corey Official BB said...

Now we can see The TyLer 6 alliance finally have to do something other than gossip, Tan and Bro it up, all while Tyler does all the planning and winning for them.

Bubu A said...

Bayleighs power kinda sucks because she can’t control the renoms. If she nominates 2 people from the other side, they will automatically know it’s someone in her side that got the power. If one of them wins the veto the HOH can still nominate Baleigh or someone on her side hence her power wasted.

JimA. said...

I am totally happy Bae won the extra power, it's really fair to give her a chance on her own. and Scottie already said she was safe. I see it as a Scottie and Tyler battle if the others fall in line.

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