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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday: The Overnighter

Good morning and welcome to the weekend, y'all! So just to recap, we have Scottie as HOH and he nominated 'the bros' (Winston/Brett) for eviction this week. Last night it looked as if Scottie's target this week would be Brett but he said last night that he doesn't really care which one goes home this week. If you're wondering how the bros took it, they were pretty pissed off. Winston went off on Scottie (6:30pm BBT) saying that he (Scottie) just wrote his own check outta there and that if he (Winston) stays, he's coming for Scottie next week.

Winston: "You drew a line in the sand. You're gone next week! Zero questions asked. You just wrote your own eviction. So good luck! You better hope I go home! Because I'm telling you right now, I'm coming after you. You're gone."

In other news...
This is the last week for Sam to use her Bonus Life power app, otherwise it'll automatically go to next weeks evicted HG. This is making Sam want to be put up as a replacement nom this week (if veto is even used this week) so that she can basically kill off the power from being used next week. If she's up against Winston or Brett this week, odds are good that she'd be safe and worst case scenario, she'd have "the chance" to rejoin the game. I like how she's thinking, because it is a good move if you think about it. She wants to control the power app as much as she can and honestly, I'd do the same thing. By the way, she told Scottie/Sam last night that she could be the renom this week and both of them were against the idea. (11:00pm BBT)

Tyler: "I don't like it." (re: the idea of Sam being a renom.)
Sam: "Nobody will send me home. Y'all would never have a clean toilet again." (*she's always cleaning the house. lol)

But here's where things can get really interesting this week:
Sam told Tyler (after her talk with Scottie/Tyler about wanting to use the power app this week) that she'd use it on Tyler/Kaycee and of course herself, but she also promised Kaitlyn last night that she'd use it on her too for keeping Sam safe. A  lotof possibilities this week.

So this week it all comes down to who will win veto and if it'll be used (though Scottie really wants his noms to stay the same).

It's Saturday, which means the Veto Comp will be played sometime today and the feeds will be down for hours. So go out, enjoy your Saturday, and I'll post the Veto Comp winner spoiler when the feeds come back. Until then, enjoy the feeds & enjoy your Saturday!! :D

Stay tuned...
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