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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday: The Overnigher

Happy Saturday, BB fans!! :D The live feeds turned back on shortly after my post last night and right before I went to bed (naturally lol), but I was able to update y'all on the blogs FB group and over on Twitter real quick as soon as the feeds came back. They were off for about 3 1/2 hours in total for the Veto Comp.

Winner of the Veto is:

Faysal and Kaityln celebrated in the Storage Room shortly after.

When the feeds came back on, Sam was crying (which confused some feedsters at first because she's safe this week thanks to her winning this weeks BB App Store power). The veto comp involved getting shocked, snakes, getting hit with paintballs and ice water. That sounds fun! haha

Here's Steve showing off his Veto Comp battle wounds from the paintballs..Ouch!!

As of now, Sam has the votes to get evicted on Thursday buuuuut...that's not gonna happen with her special power that will ensure she stays in the house. So if Tyler sticks to his original plan, then Bayleigh will go up as the replacement nom and we can expect another cryfest from her like we had to endure yesterday. (*Ahh geez. lol)

Meanwhile, Tyler is playing the 'other side' of the house (Swaggy & Co.) by making them think he's on board with them. He told Kaitlyn (who's a part of Swaggy & Co.) last night that he doesn't want the veto used this week.

In other news, there seems to be a storm potentially brewing between Rachel and Rockstar Angie, so be on the lookout for those fireworks to happen at some point. Rachel told Tyler last night that she's sick of Rockstar looking at her like she's a "f*cking idiot". Rachel being as feisty as she is, I can't see her simply letting go or ignoring Rockstar for very much longer.

So that's where we're at as we move into Saturday. I'll be back this evening with an afternoon update later on, so in the meantime, have a great afternoon and enjoy the $6/month live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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KathyC said...

Getting tired of JC already. Sam seems genuine, but I have no favorites yet. Kaitlyn kinda gets on my nerves already, too. Anyone else?

A. Dennette said...

What is the fb group link?

Elizabeth said...

Hi . I really want to get live feeds but I'm going to be in Ireland the whole month of July does anybody know if the live feeds will work over there?

Danielle Lum, APR said...

I want to see Steve get a chance to play. Tyler’s noms were a cop out. JC needs to go. He’s annoying.

Andy Tatnall said...

I like Sam a lot, though I'm not sure she has the constitution to win a game like Big Brother. As soon as someone says that they're honest and always say what they mean and assume others will do the same, they're pretty much toast.

I still adore her, though.

JimA. said...

I am really bumming that Bayliegh is a target, I like her plus she is from my state of Missouri. I have to say it does seem like the HG's go after the minority players every year.

Itsme said...

Tired if JC also.

Itsme said...

I can't see listening to JC all summer

Jamie said...

FB group: search for Because You're Addicted (has over 6k members)

Yea, JC can go. I'm over him, too.

Elizabeth: If you currently have the feeds, then you'll probably need a VPN service (such as , which I've used before in the past for non-BB stuff). Good program. Simple too.

A. Dennette said...

Thank you so much. I joined another blog fb group yesterday thinking it was this one... it was not. Just requested!

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