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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Afternoon Post

Good evening, BB addicts! Hope your Saturday went well! I reported earlier that the Flashback Feeds were back up and running again but alas, the flashback feeds are currently down again..which makes my job hard to do since I can't go back and grab full conversations and pics. So I'm gonna do my best with what I got..Twitter! lol *sigh*

Okay, so nothing has really changed today: the house is still divided, Sam is still the cutest damn robot in the history of robots...(here she is giving advice to Faysal on love from earlier today):

...and Tyler still plans on putting up Bayleigh as the replacement nom once Sam uses her special power to save herself this week. That's about it in a nutshell from what I've gathered. Though Sam will be staying this week no matter what, Rachel told Sam to go play up the sympathy card especially to Kaityln.

Back to Sambot, here's an awesome point of view from Sam's perspective as the robot:

I love Robo-cam!! So rad.

Earlier in the day, the backyard opened back up and so the HG's went outside..including Sambot..and enjoyed the summer sun. 

That's it for tonight's afternoon update! I'll be back tomorrow morning with The Overnighter and then I'll be taking the afternoon off as I do every Sunday but I'll have a Sunday Night BB Episode post up for y'all as a reminder to watch. I'm looking forward to some new diary room sessions to see what everyone is thinking and what their plans are. Goodnight, y'all!! 

Stay tuned...
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