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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, everyone!! :D seems that the Flashback Feeds are still down and on top of that, BB Viewer is now also down (at least for me, anyone else??) So I'll just do a recap/catch-up post instead.

*Winston's own alliance is either playing both sides of the house or want him gone, so..yea..his future at this point in the BB house isn't looking so bright. lol But it's still super early in the game, so we'll see.

*Rockstar Angie/Scottie seem to be floaters, as Tyler is playing both sides (yes, there's a difference) though Tyler's more towards the "cool kids" side (Tyler/JC/Kaycee/Rachel/Brett/Winston).

*Rockstar/Haleigh are pretty close, too.
*Haleigh/Baleigh are also pretty close.
*Brett/Winston are about 1 step away from being in a relationship at this point, that's how close they are.

*Swaggy/Baleigh are in a showmance, with Faysal/Kaitlyn potentially on their way to showmance #2 in the house.

*Speaking of Kaityln, Rockstar and her bestie Haleigh, are starting to not trust her (K), though they trusted her originally from "day 1".

*Sam is the most liked HG according to random polls in the BB community, definitely not a surprise there. Who doesn't like Sam? How couldn't you like Sam?!

*Faysal (Veto winner) is still committed to not using it and told Kaitlyn there's no point in using it. 

*Kaycee has her sights set on getting Swaggy (Chris) out "sooner rather than later" and pointed out to Angela how Swaggy told Tyler that he's in charge of the other side of the house. 

*Speaking of Swaggy: this guy is delusional as they come. lol I would hate on him for it but truth be told, it's kinda annoyingly-entertaining to watch someone destroy his own game hour by hour, so I can't throw too much shade his way yet.  

Anyway, Swaggy told Bayleigh (his showmance gal) that they're gonna go to Final 2 together, win BB20, then go do Amazing Race and also win that, too. He then compared himself/Bayleigh to Cody/Jessica. Oh, and how America "loves him" now, even though he "came in as the villain". Bayleigh, being from this planet, reminded Swaggy that it's only been 2 episodes aired of BB20 so far. Thank you, Bayleigh!

JC has been rather vulgar off and on since the feeds came on. Telling Rachel to "show her p*ssy", to grabbing Tyler's goodies, etc. The HG's haven't really said anything about it being a problem, which is probably why nothing is being done (yet) but as Evel Dick said on Twitter, don't be surprised if he gets more aggressive with time. Let's hope not!

As I've been mentioning, Sam is safe no matter this week but now it looks like the 'other side' of the house might wanna save her. This week is so messy, that I don't even know what to report as of now on the whole "who's going home this week" scenario, especially because Sam's safe anyway and Bayleigh will be the renom against Steve on the block. Let's see what tonight's episode says. 

Basically all the week 1 alliances aren't on solid foundation (*shocker! haha) and everyone is pairing up and prepared to bail at any moment and shift sides/alliances as need be. So basically, this cast is PLAYING.THE.GAME!! And I couldn't be happier!! :D 

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(Steve/Sam from this morning on the live feeds)

See y'all tonight for Sunday's BB20 episode at 8pm ET/7pm C!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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