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Friday, June 29, 2018

Afternoon in the BB20 House

Good evening, ladies & gents! As I type this afternoon quickie update, the live feeds are down as the HG's play this seasons first POV Comp! The players were drawn this afternoon and...

Playing in the POV Comp:
(JC is hosting)

One thing we learned earlier today on the feeds is that Sam won the BB App Store power. She told Tyler in a roundabout way (without actually spilling all the beans) that she's gonna survive eviction this week no matter what. What power she actually has and how it works, is still unclear but I'd imagine we'll find out on Sunday nights new BB20 episode.

Also, the lovely @89razorskate20 is back this season on Twitter and sorting out all the alliances for us. Here's the 1st Alliance Chart of the BB20 season:

In other news...
The Flashback Feeds are now working! Yayy!! Also, so is BB Viewer (it was updated this afternoon), if you use that. You have to have the live feeds first, then you can download the BB Viewer with your login info. (BB Viewer allows your to surf the web as you watch the feeds in the corner of your screen. Highly recommend.)

Also, I finally go the HG banner up!! I debated on whether or not I should use nicknames ("Swaggy" for Chris or "Rockstar" for Angie) but I decided to stick with their actual names.

Since there's no telling when the feeds will be back on (it's going on 3+ hours now) from the Veto Comp, I'll reveal the Veto winner in the morning. Can't wait until then? Bored? Got $6? Then you, my friend, need the live feeds!

Have a great night & see y'all bright & early with The Overnighter!! :D

Stay tuned...
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