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Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning and welcome to the very first Overnighter of the BB20 season!! The live feeds came on at 10pm BBT and with that, the season for us feedsters has officially begun! w00t!

Okay, so just to recap...

*Tyler is the HOH.
*Sambot & Steve are nom'ed.
*Bayleigh is Tyler's renom plan if Sam or Steve win Veto.
*Veto has not yet been played.
*POV players to be picked this morning
*Veto will be played today (1st week of BB is always 'off' from rest of season schedule).

The Have Not's for the week are:

They're 3 days into being Have Not's and it appears that they all volunteered to be HN's this week.

*HG's got a booze delivery last night.
*Sam's robot punishment is for 1 week.
*Sam seems to be the outsider in the house.
*Kaitlyn/Hayleigh teamed up.
*Kaycee's "Pinwheel of Doom" punishment is for 1 week.
*Swaggy and Bayleigh are in a secret showmance, kissing a lot on the feeds last night.
*The house is divided (as per last nights BB episode) with Scottie kinda in the middle, it appears.
*Winston slapped a door to scare HG's on the 'other side' of the house but now is worried that it could've pissed people off and might target him for it now. Apparently when Winston slapped the door, it accidentally hit Kaitlyn.
*Christ/Faysal both want Winston out (*that whole side of the house wants Winston or Angela out) and will try to make that happen this week somehow.

**Flashback isn't currently working but here's the timestamps. I'll update with pics later if FB ends up working. (*Gotta love those 1st week glitches! Grr.) 

12:05am BBT:
Swaggy/Bayleigh kissing.

12:36am BBT:
Tyler/JC talking in the HOH room. JC says he's the only one who knows who has the power (from the BB App Store..a new thing this season): it's Brett and he knows because Brett told him. (*Us feedsters don't have confirmation on this just yet.) Doesn't think Winston knows.

12:50am BBT:
JC wants Steve to go and thinks he can get another vote against him.

1:51am BBT:
Faysal lost the App Store twist (he was the least trending), now gets "Hamazon Swine" deliveries of (vegan) Ham. He has to carry a tray of it around and eat it. He took a bit and then puked in the toilet. Kaitlyn assisted by holding his hair (*aww what a good friend!)

Today will be the 1st full day of the live feeds, so if you wanna watch the house cameras 24/7 for $5.99/month, all ya gotta do is *click here to get the live feeds*!! I'll be back later with the Afternoon Post. Until then, enjoy the ever-so-cheap live feeds!!

PS I **promise** to have the HG finished tonight!!

Stay tuned...
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Andy Tatnall said...

Two weeks?!


They may as well have just done a premiere night eviction. I feel so bad for Sam.

Hopefully the producers see that she's popular and pull strings with the other HGs to get her to stay. I'm not in favor of production rigging the game, but if they're going to do it anyway...

Sally Port said...

Yay! I read your blog every season and wanted to say thanks for doing it! I can't take the Swagster saying his name all the time. I hope he goes soon. Lol

Paul C said...

So glad you and the blog are back.

Nia S. said...

So disgusted with voters, but not surprised. I told my husband the minute I saw those apps that Faysal would lose and be given the ham punishment. I’m just thankful they gave him vegan ham because they certainly made no effort for Victoria and her good because of religious beliefs.

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