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Thursday, June 28, 2018

BB20 Premiere Night (Part 2)

Good evening, BB addicts!! Tonight is the 1 hr Part 2 Premiere Night, where we will see the 1st HOH Comp and Nominations of the Big Brother 20 season. Last night I detailed the premiere as I watched, but tonight I will be watching the show as a fan with the rest of y'all and updating the blog with the HOH Winner and who was nominated (and anything else that is noteworthy).

So go grab your snackies and meet me back here for BB at 9pm E/8pm C!! :D

Winner of the 1st HOH Comp of the season is:

9:41pm: Tyler is part of a 6 person alliance (Brett/Winston/Rachel/Kaycee/Tyler) and so he's limited on noms choices. He says he really only has Sam/Steve and if one of them wins veto, he plans on putting up Bayleigh as a a renom. 

9:42pm: Sam/Tyler have a talk (she's as a robot during this conversation). She's crying to Tyler for being targeted this week. 

Sam: "I feel like I'm being shunned.." 
Tyler: "You're not being shunned."
Sam: "I'm a good person!...just do what you think is best."
Tyler: "You are not the target."
Sam: "I'm not stupid." 

Tyler (in the DR): "My heart is hurting at the moment."
Tyler hugged Sam the Robot and then left the Storage Room.

9:52pm: Tyler is smarter than he lets on! He figured out that Swaggy had other HG's to tell him to put up Angela/Winston this week otherwise it's a 'wasted HOH'. Then Swaggy walked into the HOH room and said the same thing, and that's when Tyler figured it out that he sent his side of the house to go tell Tyler to put up A/W.

Tyler talked to Bayleigh and figured out that she's working with Swaggy too. The house is divided and he can draw the line in the sand with noms.

9:55pm: Time for the nomination ceremony! (Kaycee's pinwheel is spinning, which means she has to stay where she is until it's she's stuck outside in the backyard.)

Nominated for Eviction is:

Tyler: "There's no real ryhm or reason for anyone to go on the block, except those that fell in the comp first. I'm sorry guys."

Steve said in the DR that he's not going home. Sam said she thought Tyler liked her.

*End of Show*

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