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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

BB20 Premiere Night Part 1

It's time for Biiiig Brotherrrr!!! Ladies & gents, sit back and enjoy Part 1 Premiere Night at 8pm E/7pm C! So go grab your snackies and I'll update this post as I watch Part 1 of the 2 premiere nights of BB20!!

8:00pm: Julie shows us HG's from all past seasons of Big Brother. I spot Keesha, Paul, Lydia, Paul, Steve, etc. Too man to list!(*Sidenote:Y'all know how much I love Keesha and I'd love to see her back on BB at some point!)

8:07pm: Footage of new HG's getting their keys. So far I like Sam (the country girl) and Steve (the undercover narcotics/former NYPD guy).

8:08pm: Now they're showing Angela, the fitness model. She's extremely athletic.

8:10pm: And now we meet JC. I'm going to need subtitles for him this season. lol Oh boy.

8:14pm: The first 8 HG's enter the BB20 house for the first time.

8:16pm: Julie says someone will win a "Game Changing Power" . Hmmm.....

8:20pm: Time to meet the rest of the BB20 houseguests! First up, we have Rachel and Las Vegas Performer and self-proclaimed hustler. She's definitely going to be the life of the party kind of girl. She's a huge BB fan and loves Janelle. (*So far, she's my favorite right out the gate. We'll see how she plays!)

8:22pm: Angie aka "Rockstar" is kind of a wildchild, says she's a Pagan Witch. Now we're onto Brett, he's a smart-jock. A dork in disguise, if you will.

8:25pm: Scottie is a never-been-kissed gamer. He reminds me a lot of former BB Winner, Andy. I just may call him Andy 2.0 all season. lol Next up, we have Haleigh...she's another country girl. She reminds me a ton of Nicole (former BB Winner), sans the annoying voice. :P

8:27pm: Faysal is a hot teacher, big jock type (but smart), and a proud Muslim. (*He's amazingly hot! Holy moly. lol)

Sidenote: The footage is moving fast so trying to watch, listen, type, and get to all the new HG's is impossible. So I'm missing a few HG's names and descriptions.

8:30pm: The last 8 of 16 HG's move into the BB20 house and join the others! Lots of hugs and smiles all around (like every season). Okay for a break so I can fangirl over the new season!

8:40pm: All HG's sitting around drinking champagne and introducing themselves. JC says he's "part of the LGBTQ community" and Steve lies and says he's just a mechanic from Jersey (as sweat is pouring off of him haha)

8:45pm: Julie tells the HG's about the new technology being part of this season and tells them to get on their gear and get into the backyard for their first comp of the season! 4 women/4 men per platform. 
Winner will keep 8 HG's (including themselves) for the week. Wow!
8:53pm: "The BB Computer has crashed, sending you to the Trash Folder." - Julie explaining to the HG's how to win the comp.

9:00pm: Angela won the 1st part by finding the "Escape and Play" folder. Kaycee lost.

9:05pm: Time for the other 8 HG's now to battle it out. Swaggy C won the 2nd round and will go against Angela. (*This comp is confusing. lol)

9:11pm: Sam lost in the 2nd round. "I'm terrified."-Sam

9:17pm: Bayleigh is warning Swaggy that he's seeming too cocky. Swaggy said he now has her back (at least for this week) for giving him the heads up on how he's being perceived.
Swaggy then went to Angela to try to strike a "keep each other safe no matter what" deal and Angela had the idea of gunning after someone in the opposite group (which would mean Swaggy himself potentially, he's thinking), which doesn't sit well with him.

9:23pm: Angela VS Swaggy. They're on a surfboard ("surfing the web") as it moves and they have to dodge a door (aka "backdoor"), a "chopping block" (block of wood with butcher knife in it), and a "twist".


9:31pm: Julie tells Swaggy that he now has the power to choose "2 of the 4 move in groups" to get safety. We'll also find out what the punishments are shortly.

Sidenote: I'm so over Swaggy C always referring to himself in the 3rd person and wearing his name on his shirt. I'm getting flashback of Jen from BB8 with her Jenius shirts. lol :P

9:41pm: Kaycee comes out and shows her punishment: it's a rainbow colored uni-tard. JC calls her a gay godmother. lol

9:44pm: Sam reveals her punishment: Sam's a robot! (*WTF is going on this season?!! lol) There's a robot moving around in the BB house and it's Sam speaking. She can hear and see everything.

9:48pm: Kaycee's uni-tard has a pinwheel and when it spins, she has to stay in the room she's in until it stops. She has to wear it until the 1st eviction. Sam will be a robot until then as well.

9:55pm: The first week of safety: Swaggy, Angie, Rachel, Brett, Kaycee, Scottie, Haleigh and Fessy.

America will be part of BB20: each week the HG that gets the most votes, will be trending and will pick a special power from the BB App Store. Whichever HG that gets the least votes, gets a punishment.

**Tomorrows show will have the HOH Comp and Nominations! Then the LIVE FEEDS will go live at 1am ET/12am C!!

If you still need the feeds, you can get them now! You get 1 WEEK FREE and then it's just $5.99/month for 24/7 access to the BB20 house cams!! :D 

See y'all tomorrow!!!

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

I think the robot thing may work as an advantage because some may forget she can hear them and say something she can use later

Jamie said...

I agree!

Suzanne said...

How does the robot get up the stairs to hang with the HOH?? LOL

Ben Murphy said...

Never thought of it like that but I see (and hear) what your saying. 😋

Teri McElveen said...

I thought that too! It seems unfair unless the BB house has an elevator now. It could be both an advantage and disadvantage, this punishment

Adam Pié said...

As a fan of good game play, I'm a little annoyed that Big Brother keeps allowing America to give powers to guests. Fun punishments, fun rewards? Sure, that's a great way to keep America involved without unfairly influencing the game. But personally, I think it cheapens the game. I know BB will never get rid of it, but the purist in me wish they'd stop.

SDfan said...

I'm rooting for Sam

Suzanne said...

Poor Sam. I really feel bad for her. That robot punishment came a little soon in the game IMO

Walkrock said...

I see the same players I've seen the last three seasons. Casting country girl, meat heads, Jersey, southern guy, sassy African American, dumb surfer, ect....

peteinla said...

Did anyone catch Sam’s comment in the diary room after JC introduced himself and said he was in the LGBTQ community? I can’t tell if she made a homophobic remark or not. Anyone else remember that? Maybe I misunderstood her comment and took it out of context.

Walkrock said...

I think you took it out of context.

EwaRey said...

I think she meant it as she thought he was cute

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