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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Good evening, ladies & gents! Well, nothing has changed in the BB20 house. Scottie is slated to get evicted on Thursday, making the whole Battle Back Comp a complete bust and a wasted HOH week in the season. The only way the vote could flip to getting Haleigh out this week, is if Haleigh (who knows she's safe this week) ends up telling Scottie that he's actually the target this week. (Scottie thinks he's safe this week due to Tyler implying it to him the other day.) Angela/Tyler talked and agreed that if Haleigh does spills the beans to Scottie, they just might have to get her out this week instead of Scottie.

Speaking of Haleigh...
She's been bugging Tyler to no end about if she's safe this week or not. Despite Tyler telling her a million times to act cool this week and just chill out because she's safe, she's still very much nervous that she's actually leaving on Thursday. Can't say that I blame her.

Haleigh isn't totally off the hook though, as she's next weeks target (if L6 wins HOH). The order of evictions is pretty predictable at this point, although there's a couple scenarios that could spice things up a bit:

*If Kaycee/Angela/Brett win HOH, then Haleigh's the target.
*If Sam wins HOH, she's most definitely targeting Haleigh.
*If Haleigh wins HOH, she'll target Sam.
*If JC wins HOH (*which I doubt he'll even try to win), he'd try to break up Angela/Kaycee.

This is assuming that Brett is still with L6, but who knows where he actually stands anymore. JC has been working on Brett being his Fessy 2.0 (aka "big dumb puppet") to get Brett to nominate Angela/Kaycee together and "break up that duo" (even though they're not a duo) if Brett wins HOH. JC is hell-bent on this idea and since Tyler refuses to go along with this plan, JC is now trying to recruit Brett to do his bidding for him. Tyler sees right through JC's game, though. As far as Brett goes, he might just be playing JC in case JC wins HOH and thus, keeps him good with everyone in the house for another week and gathering intel for L6 in the process. (We'll have to wait until tomorrow night's episode for his DR's to see where his head's at.)

If you're wondering where on the hit list JC falls (for L6), it's not in the very near future. They're gonna target Haleigh/Sam to be evicted first, and then JC after that. Now since Angela is more fed up with JC than Tyler is, I can see her pushing her idea of getting him up & out before Tyler wants him gone, but...who knows what would happen in that scenario.

I'll be back tomorrow with another update, though I don't expect much to change game wise. Have a great night, y'all!!

Stay tuned...
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ME J said...

This game went south fast. *Yawn* Survivors Ready?

JR said...

When does survivor start?!

Kayla Moore said...

I think it would be interesting if JC and Brett could somehow get Sam to evict Haleigh and save Scottie. Then B,S, and J can work together and maybe win the next HOH. I think that would shake things up a bit. If they could somehow get Sam to work with them, but I don’t think that’s likely.

Htown said...

A double Yawn, think after kaitlyn was evicted things took a turn for the worse, and became the most boring season.. Now I just enjoy my reads on Jamie blog:), or twitter

Rachel said...

Why do they want Scottie out before Hay? I don’t get it. She’s made it clear she’s goin after Tyler so why keep her for another week and risk her winning hoh. I think this move will screw shiz up for ty

fanofally said...

If anyone has Snapchat, I think we just got a clue as to where Tyler's head is at. He was looking at the wall with the faces. He pointed to each person who's still in and made a popping noise. It was Scott, Haleigh, Brett, Angela, JC, Kaycee, and then himself. Wow!!! I could be wrong, but that is how I took it. He didn't say anything. Just pointed and made a popping noise.

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