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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thursday: Live Eviction Show

Good evening and welcome to your Thursday Night Live Eviction!! I had to take a day off of the blog/feeds because it was mind-numbingly boring and I just couldn't take it anymore. lol

Okay, so last night I took the night off of the feeds and I ended up missing some action. The conclusion: nothing has changed and Scottie will still be going tonight. Last night, the HG's got booze (minus the Have Not's, which ticked JC off again lol) A drunk Haleigh/Angela were play wrestling'ish on the floor and Brett made a comment about how they needed "a cup" (it's a reference to an adult-themed thing that I refuse to explain here lol) Drunk Haleigh took this as Brett calling her a whore. As a prank, she sprayed Brett with the kitchen sink hose, and then he got mad and implied that he'd rather keep Scottie vs Haleigh. That hurt her feelings and she went up to the HOH shower and cried.

After the whole Haleigh/Brett thing, Brett noticed that it was Angela/Kaycee who went up to the HOH room to comfort Haleigh. Brett told Scottie that watching that happen, opened his eyes. Mix this with how Brett's been feeling like the low-end of the totem pole (Level 6), and do the math.

At one point last night, it looked like there could be a flip to keep Scottie but I'll save you the reading time and just say that JC/Brett decided against it about an hour ago and are sticking with the plan of getting Scottie out tonight. In other news, Tyler is concerned with JC more and more each day. He's afraid JC is getting into Brett's head (*he is) and wonders if that's why Brett's been acting differently this past week.

Okie dokie, I'll be live-blogging tonight's live eviction and HOH comp, so go grab your snackies and meet me back here at 9pm ET for the live show!! :D

9:00pm ET:
Big Brother begins!!

9:25pm ET:
BB16 Winner Derrick gave his take on the season. Thinks it's a great season and Tyler should take Angela to F2, not Kaycee. (Angela is hated in the Jury and the jury is "emotional" this season.)

9:33pm ET:
Time for the live eviction!

Scottie said something during his speech that nobody seems they can decipher. lol It was bleeped out and directed at Tyler.

Brett votes to evict SCOTTIE
Kaycee votes to evict SCOTTIE
Sam votes to evict SCOTTIE
Angela votes to evict SCOTTIE
JC votes to evict SCOTTIE

Evicted from the BB House is:

Scottie told Julie that Tyler is a "coward" in the game. He also asked Julie if there's another Battle Back. lol

Up next, the HOH comp!!

9:53pm ET:
HG's have to get their balls in the holes. It's a slow/steady comp.

Winner of the HOH Comp is:


(Get ready for another predictable week.)

Julie said next week Thursday is a Double Eviction where 2 HG's will go to the jury house.

Stay tuned...
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Rebecca Cazares said...

THANK YOU, Jamie! Got you open in a tab for the live show! In Arizona we gotta wait TWO HOURS! :(

Jamie said...

Ugh too long!

Jordan Lohmeyer said...

JC's goodbye message saying he "did what the HoH wanted" was a great sneaky dig at Tyler.

slnc said...

Was that the easiest hoh comp ever??🤔 this is getting boring...

BBWatcher said...

I hope JC is the next one to go. He’s sneaky.

bjbrown24 said...

What’s a cup

Razldazlrr said...

ugh - Kaycee wins - boring - it will probably be Haleigh/Sam and next will be Haleigh to go and then Sam, unless she wins HOH and then they will have to battle it out
Scottie may have a lot of sway with the jurors that are in the house, they already don't love Tyler

Unknown said...

I have to say this is the first season - EVER (and I have watched since season 1) that I don't feel the need to watch. It is getting boring and predictable. Thanks Jamie for keeping me updated when I am curious but don't want to bother watching

Maliejandra said...

I actually hate the double eviction week, but these past few weeks have been a little dull so maybe it will jump start the houseguests.

Unknown said...

Scottie apparently said, "You can all suck it. Except Tyler, cause I know you've been getting that Hilton head."

Matt Hunting said...

It’s a reference to the very nsfw ‘2 girls 1 cup’ google it if you dare...

dianamorden said...

I heard something to that affect, quite rude. That’s why Tyler threw the toy at him and why Angela was quite upset after Scottie left.

Atlanta said...

I feel the same way and have watched since season 1. It’s sad because I always looked forward to it every Summer.

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