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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Wedneday: Afternoon Post (That Never Was)

Hey guys! So today has been the slowest day in BB history on the feeds. lol There's nothing to blog about. Only two things worth mentioning is that Angela talked to Sam and everything is okay between them (#Intercomgate) (Angela just played it off as Brett venting about laundry) and JC b*tched about BB being on their butts today to get them all awake. JC said there's nothing to do and he doesn't know why they wanted them up so badly.

Anyway, I'm taking the night off from blogging...since there's nothing going on. Instead, I'm using mylive feeds pass to watch Season 8 with the hubby. We're on Episode 5 of BB8. (I had totally forgot that Evel Dick actually liked and trusted Amber in the very beginning. So weird.)

Anyway, let's take the night off and just regroup in the morning. Until then, enjoy your evening!!

Stay tuned...
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Brian Williams said...

Evel Dick blocked me on Twitter. Lol. I think one time last year I mentioned how he was a hypocrite for talking about bullying when he bullied that one girl (name?). She was alone in the game and he tortured her.

Guess I won’t get his intellectual insight anymore.

Fins Up said...

I like Sam, listening to her late night talks, I get her (I think), but it reminds me why my hillbilly family (by blood) drove me Nuts with their stories... dragging out with every name, place and the worst was trying to remember what day and/or time it happened and taking an extra 5 mins to go back and forth which it was before deciding it wasn’t important trudging on!! Argggggh

Paul said...

Any chance Sam is actually a superb player and fooling all? No one wants her up as a pawn because she might go instead of the target

Mama B said...

Fessy reminds me of an ex I used to date... 🤔 toxic

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