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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday: The Overnighter

Happy Tuesday, BB addicts!! We are just 2 days away from the Thursday night live episode where we will see Fessy get evicted (it's unclear how Sam will usual...but it doesn't matter this week since L6 has the votes regardless) and then we'll watch the last 4 evicted houseguests battle it out in the Battle Back Comp.

Last night was a little bit more exciting than the daytime feeds were, but not by much. The few things that did happen, I'll cover in today's Overnighter.

At 7:28pm BBT, JC tried to get Tyler to see that it's a good idea to gun after Angela/Kaycee next. While Tyler was not at all interested in this plan and told JC there's nothing he could do to convince him that's a good idea, JC listed off his points.
JC said that the house has to continue to be divided in order for them to move forward in the game. (*This is for JC's game, not Tyler's. Tyler has a F2 with Kaycee and as we know, that's his true ride or die in the game.) JC telling Tyler to gun after his own alliance members is not going to sit well with him and if anything, this convo probably just propelled JC's eviction to be sooner rather than later.

By 7:37pm BBT, JC is still trying to convince Tyler it's a good idea to go after Angela/Kaycee before Haleigh. Tyler says that's "insane and you know I can't do that".

Tyler: "You know that's not good for you, you know that's not good for me."

This is a good convo to flashback to if you have the time.

8:59pm BBT:
Sam straightened Tyler's hair and then surprised him with his new look. I think a series of gifs will tell the story more accurately than I ever could. lol

Everyone laughs. Tyler's in shock. (*lol)

Tyler: "What the f*ck! I look like a female.."
Sam: "No you don't!"

JC hates it. lol

At 9:47pm BBT, Haleigh got done putting braids in Tyler's hair. (*This poor guy. lol) He regretted it immediately.

Tyler: "Take it out! Take it out! Take it out!!"

JC's and Brett's facial expressions, though....

JC: "He looks like a 40 yr old woman with a really good job and who's independent."

Okay, switching gears back to gaming...

At 11:10pm BBT, JC talked to Brett in the hammock. He pitched the same thing he told Tyler: that Angela/Kaycee will work together in the end and have to be targeted.
During this convo, JC comments that he finds Tyler attractive. (*He's been acting like a jealous girlfriend recently.) Ironically during this time, Angela is in the house saying how she thinks JC has feelings for Tyler.

In other news, at 12:40am BBT Kaycee went up to the HOH room and told them she can hear them on the intercom and see in the HOH room on the screen downstairs.

Tyler: "That's not good."

As Kaycee was entering the room, Brett was bashing Sam about being rude while he was doing his laundry. Sam was downstairs in the kitchen and could hear everything.

Kaycee/JC are downstairs testing out the intercom. Even though it's off, he can still hear and see them in the HOH room.

Tyler is freaking out, as Brett shows his a** to see if JC really can see him. (He can.) Tyler then motions to the HOH cam (for the feeds/production) with a 'what the hell' kind of motion.

Luckily for them, it was just Sam that heard but who knows what will happen from here because of this. BB leaker Vegas on Twitter said it was a tech glitch and indeed Sam heard everything. Yikes

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! I'll be back later on with the afternoon post. Until then, have a great day!!

Stay tuned...
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Nia S. said...

That’s a game ruining tech glitch. Yikes

Dianne said...

Sam might go ham lol.


Last night BBAD was hilarious. Still laughing my ass off while reading your recap.😂🤣

Cynthia said...

Dying laughing at..."JC: "He looks like a 40 yr old woman with a really good job and who's independent.""

What a description! LOL

Psalms46:10 said...

Production has been having glitches, and leaks and technical difficulties all summer it seems. Smh

Auburn tiger said...

That was done on purpose. Production knows that Sam is good for some major drama and the house has been a bit boring lately. That was a $h1tty thing for them to do.

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