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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday Funday to all your BB addicts out there!! Last night was pretty calm, but full of small detailed conversations that I have to cover. In a nutshell, Tyler decided that he will use the Veto on Angela and return the favor of Angela using the veto on him last week. Haleigh plans on making Kaycee the replacement nom if that happens, though she's worried that Kaycee might have a power that would keep her safe which would force her to make yet another renom. Level 6 has the votes this week so it doesn't matter.

Okie dokie, let's dive right into the Overnighter, shall we?!

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7:57pm BBT:
Scottie/Haleigh are talking in the HOH room.

Haleigh is worried that Kaycee has a power and it'll prevent her from the renom tomorrow. She said if that's the case, then JC could go up. Haleigh tells Scottie how Tyler told her that he feels close to Scottie so Scottie "has a lot of pull" with Tyler. Haleigh thinks that Tyler/Angela just started to get close last week and that they (Ty/Angela) never talked game before last week. (*Haleigh is still clueless on who's aligned with who in the house.)

Scottie asks for advice on how he should talk to Tyler. Haleigh says to tell Tyler that Angela/Kaycee are both just using him. (*lol) Topic switches to next week and how Scottie wants to start trying to win HOH's and wants to gun after JC next week or in a Double Eviction because that's the best time to win an HOH and go after a target.

Fast-forward to 8:32pm BBT:
Haleigh says that she's talked more game with Tyler, than Angela has with Tyler. (*Oh, honey.)

8:26pm BBT:
Tyler tells Angela/Kaycee that it's funny that Haleigh thinks he'll do whatever she wants him to do this week with the veto, when she put him on the block last week and wanted him backdoored. (*He had told Hal a couple days ago that if he wins veto, he'll do what she wants..which obviously he won't.)

Kaycee said that if she ends up being the replacement nom, it'll just mean that Haleigh gets more blood on her hands.

During this conversation, Haleigh is upstairs talking to Rockstar and says that she will self-evict if Rockstar gets voted out this week. She also admits that Tyler was her target this week via backdoor but that she told Tyler he wasn't her target.

10:32pm BBT:
Tyler is talking to Haliegh/Rockstar in the HOH bathroom.

Haleigh (lies) and says she's not coming after him and Rockstar is there as her witness to saying that. Tyler asked why did she put him on the block as last weeks Hacker then. Haleigh said she was "ill-advised", as Rockstar said Hal wasn't advised at all. Haleigh claims there were "several other targets" before him in the house.

10:50pm BBT:
Tyler/Hal talk alone in the HOH bathroom.
Tyler asked if she was the hacker, she said yes. He asks then why did Bayleigh get into a fight with him and not her. Hal, again, says he wasn't her target. Her target was Angela. Haleigh is tipsy from wine and spilling all her gaming info to Tyler, as Tyler just sits back and listens.

Haleigh said that she only trusts Rockstar/Scottie in the game. Haleigh said though this is her HOH, her best friend (Rockstar) is probably going home. Tyler asks where her/Brett stand. She said that her/Brett are "very close" (*lol) She then says that Brett is a "free agent" to be picked up. Tyler covers his tracks of Brett being in L6 by saying that he's never had a relationship with Brett.

*Sidenote: Earlier in the night, Fessy got mad at Haleigh for saying that she doesn't trust him 100%. He got mad and stormed out of the HOH room. That's why she didn't bring his name up as being trustworthy like she feels with Rock/Scottie.

Haleigh asked Tyler where his head is at in all this, but Tyler says he's just there to listen. He (lies) and says he's been a "lone wolf" in the game. He tells Haleigh maybe she should sober up a bit and offers to get her some chicken if she wants.

11:27pm BBT:

Fessy comes in and says after 53 days of being in the house together, if she doesn't trust him, then just put him on the block. Haleigh says the game is full of liars so of course she's going to question peoples loyalty. Fessy said that when she watches the season back, she's going to feel stupid because he's had her back this whole time.

At 11:35pm BBT, Rockstar comes up to HOH room and tells Haleigh that Angela/Tyler were in bed giggling. Hal tells her to go back downstairs and "f*ck with them".

11:36pm BBT:
Tyler/Rockstar in the Lounge Room.
Tyler's having fun in this conversation and saying that he wishes he had what Rockstar has with her team (alliance).

11:49pm BBT:
Drunko is finally done with her 4 hour bath. Fessy comes over and hugs her. She rolls her eyes.

He then picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid on top of her. She said she doesn't wanna be on the bed because she's still wet from her bath. He continues to put her on the bed anyway.

12:02am BBT:
Rockstar comes up to the HOH room and tells Fessy/Haleigh that her talk with Tyler went really well and that she thinks....get this...that Tyler will use the Veto to save Rockstar. *snort-laugh* Oh my gosh, ya guys. I can't breathe...lollll

Fessy: "What the f*ck!! What a dumba** motherf*cker!!"

Haleigh said that her 1 on 1 with Tyler went "so good". (*I can't believe how clueless The Hive is. I really can't. lol) Haleigh said she can't wait to put Kaycee up on the block tomorrow as the replacement nom "after Rockstar comes down" off the block. (*This is hilarious!)

12:52am BBT:
Tyler tells Angela/Kaycee/Brett that he knows Haleigh is going to make Kaycee the renom.
Brett also mentions that Sam is back with them (L6) now that the power has shifted again and how Sam is playing the game. Tyler said that his decision wasn't hard to make: Angela saved him with the veto last week, so of course he's going to use it on Angela. He then slammed Haleigh/Rockstar's pitch to him and said it was  the "worst pitch ever". He said how Haleigh told him everything and mentioned that he's going to talk to JC to confirm that he's voting Blockstar out. (*Sam's nickname for Rockstar that she hates. lol)

12:55am BBT:
Meanwhile, delusional Rockstar thinks The Hive has the 4 votes they need this week. Brett is there doing his recon work for L6.
It's so weird to see Brett/Rockstar getting along after having such a rocky start. Man, is she going to hate him on Thursday again, though. lol (*I'm assuming Julie will tell her, as she probably won't figure it out on her own. As Evel Dick said on Twitter yesterday, how you not know after 6 weeks of votes, who is aligned with who in the house.)

At 2:07am BBT, Haleigh/Fessy apparantly kissed. I don't care. I'm not gonna watch it. Flashback if you're a stan of theirs.

*And that's it for The Overnighter!! Tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony and we can expect Angela to get pulled off the block by veto winner Tyler, and then Haleigh will happily make Kaycee the renom. Rockstar will be going out the door this week as Level 6 has the votes and Kaycee (Hacker) will be canceling one of The Hives votes. Today is Sunday Funday for me, so I'm outta here for the day. Have a great Sunday and I'll see y'all back here tomorrow morning with The Overnighter!! Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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UnionGrl said...

Rock was always cannon fodder and never had a hope of winning the thing. I'm glad Sam has made it through whatever breakdown she was having. I would hope the L6 people took instruction from that whole incident and include Sam in more discussions. I don't think I would talk a lot of complicated game with her but if she's feeling isolated that can be dealt with easily with a kind word.

MH said...

I think....this is possible my favorite season of big brother ever.... season 2,6, and 7 were my faves before....

But this season..... is GLORIOUS. Whoever did the research on these guys’ personalities and casted them.... deserves an award.

Sugarsparkles said...

Thanks for the update! Hilarious how clueless foutte is. 😂 sorry

Sugarsparkles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sugarsparkles said...

Sorry for the double post! Not sure what happened. I’m new. Lol

Unknown said...

That convo was hilarious. Tyler was probably thinking “yea keep drinking, keep talking” lol!

HurlyBurly said...

Are you sure L6 has the votes? I think they do, but assuming they cancel Fessy's vote, then the only ones not locked in are Scottie, JC, and Sam. I have Scotty voting for Rockstar to stay. JC I can see flip flopping, I don't think he's 100% locked. Then there's Sam. Love the nickname Blockstar (lol), but I thought Sam and Rockstar were getting close? I thought Sam blew up on Angela Friday? I don't know with her. Anyway, worst case scenario for L6 is all 3 of those votes go in Rockstars favor and Hal breaks the tie - we know how that goes! BTW, the locked in votes for KC are obviously Tyler, Ang, and Brett. I'm just surprised it "could" be this close for L6 given how clueless the other side is.

Steve Robbins said...

Foutte are a bunch of nut balls. I love them, but it's remarkable that they can breath and walk at the same time. Delusional (RockSalt), bimbo (Fessy), neïve (Hal)...

ME J said...

Blockstar, your own hive member put u on the block. How stupid are you? That alone would clue someone with half a brain.

Sh said...

These people are so clueless. Where did they find all these airheads! Lol ... I think that's what makes this season so good they are goofy you want to see what crazy scheme is next! Lol

Razldazlrr said...

Thanks Jamie - so damn funny how clueless some people are!

Anthony Guiliano said...

Hello, I've been reading this blog for years now but have never have commented before. Thank you for all your hard work😀

Jon said...

Where did the nickname the hive come from?

Mike Slagley said...

There's some serious Dunning-Kruger going on this house. How does the Hive not realize where the teams are drawn?

leroy janecek said...

What is everyone’s pick for F2??? I’m leaning toward Tyler/Brett or Tyler/Kaycee

MirrG said...

Angela isn't super liked so Tyler would be smart to go against her for F2.

Davinci said...

Why do they put this crapmance on the show... there is so much more going on with game play

UnionGrl said...

The more I see Brett the more I think he is the one to watch. He is completely immoral and would tell any lie to anybody to go further. He is brilliant and doesn't care about anyone but Brett. He's the perfect BB player. I think a Ty/Brett or Ty/Angela F2 is more likely than Kaycee. Angela is one cool customer but she is always thinking and is always weighing the odds. I have respect her game to date.

I agree this is best season in a long time. The HGs are engaging, the play crisp, the plotting reasonable, - so far so good. Bravo.

Jon said...

She was put up by the Hacker who was Kacee. Kaycee pulled herself down and put up Blockstar

leroy janecek said...

HurlyBurly...I don’t see JC flipping this late in the game...unless Fessy was on the block instead of Blockstar😂😂

Christina said...

Agree with your final 2, Leroy. Have always loved Tyler, Brett is starting to grow on me. I never thought that would happen, but tonight’s episode was great footage of Brett.

Fins Up said...

My Guess: When Blockhead was stung by the bee?

Mama B said...

Whats with BB and showing Sam talking about Mud Stopping? Didn't they show a clip this past Thursday (or Wednesday, cant remember) with her asking JC about Mud Stomping and he couldn't pronounce it and she had to explain to him what that was? And last night they decide to show basically the same conversation but with curb stomping added to that? I felt like I was having deja vu

angie Lou said...

I had a dream at the beginning of the season that Tyler won BB20. So far, so good! Lol
Thanks for keeping he blog going every season Jamie. Out of allll the many blogs out there, yours is my FAVE!!! #GoL6

Unknown said...

Hahaha hilarious

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