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Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans! Today is the Veto Ceremony where we can expect Veto Winner Tyler to use it to pull Angela off the block and then HOH Halieigh will make her replacement nom. As of now, it'll be Kaycee. Doesn't really matter as Level 6 has the votes this week and Rockstar will be going home.

Last night was a pretty calm night in the BB house and not much game talk happened, so the Overnighter is going to be shorter than usual due to that. There's a few key conversations that should be mentioned, so that's what I'll cover today.

Late in the night (12:00am BBT), JC asked Tyler why even use the veto if Kaycee is just gonna be the renom anyway. Tyler said that Sam could be tempted to vote for Angela to get evicted if she's left on the block. And he's right. (Not that I think she'd actually do it, but "tempted" is the right word like Tyler said). At 7:20pm BBT, Sam asked Kaycee is she (Sam) is still good with Level 6 and Kaycee said yes, of course she is. Sam admitted that she was afraid that Angela might have replaced Sam's spot in the group.

At 12:55am BBT, Haleigh/Tyler had a talk about what he's going to do with the Veto today. Tyler said he's going to do what's best for his game. Haleigh took this as Tyler saying he's not going to do what she wants him to do. (*Correct.) She eventually broke the bad news to Rockstar. (I'll cover this below.)

Kaycee/Angela talked in the Lounge Room (12:50am BBT) about how funny it is that the other side of the house thinks they have Brett and how Rockstar is going to get evicted on Haleigh's HOH.

Kaycee said that she wants Fessy/Haleigh up on the block next to each other, as Angela wants to backdoor Scottie. (Earlier in the night, Tyler mentioned that he also wants Scottie backdoored soon, so they're on the same page with that.)

Speaking of Tyler...

At 1:03am BBT, Haleigh/Tyler had a talk in the HOH room about the Veto Ceremony coming up and if Tyler's going to use it or not.

Hal: "So you are (using it). you've decided what you're doing."
Tyler: "No."
Hal: "You just side I'll be blindsided too, which means.."
Tyler: "If! That's an if.."
Hal: "I mean, I guess it doesn't matter if you tell me or not.."
Tyler: "I need to sleep on it. I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and I'll know."
Hal: "You're just gonna wake up, next to the girl who wants you to use (the veto) on her, and you'll know..?
Tyler: "Mhmm."
Hal: "That's reassuring."
Tyler: "Yes."
Hal: "Depends on which way I'm facing..Depends on which side I wake up..There's a lot to think about."

Hal said she wants him to what he's comfortable with doing. Tyler leaves the HOH room a minute later and Haleigh is clearly pissed off.

Hal: "F*ck."

At 1:13am BBT, Tyler told Rockstar the bad news about her convo with Tyler. Rockstar thinks they offered him a good deal of being safe until Final 6 and be in an alliance of 4. She thinks Tyler would be dumb not to take that offer. (*lol)

And lastly...

Tyler/Angela talked in the hammock last night and Angela opened up about her childhood. (8:49pm BBT)

She talked about how she, & her gymnastic teammates, was abused by their coach and how she'd cry herself to sleep from being overloaded with sports and homework every night. She also told Tyler about how she got into pole vaulting. It's a good conversation to see Angela in a different light. Good flashback moment.

*And that's it for The Overnighter! Today is all about the Veto Ceremony and watching the aftermath of that, so I'll be back later with the spoiler and house happenings post-ceremony. Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

Love Haleigh’s reaction after her convo with Tyler!😂😂😂...the Hive is so clueless! Can’t wait to see Fessy’s reaction on eviction night!! Let’s go L6 and win another veto and POV!!

Toby Sluss said...

Still confused how L6 have the votes. Angela, Brett and Tyler vs Faysal, JC, Sam and Scottie. Kaycee will cancel out one vote, but it's still 3 vs 3 and Haleigh will break the tie and vote out Kaycee.

Fins Up said...

What if Hal had the cajones to backdoor JC, how would the vote go then?

Elizabeth said...

Sam won’t vote out Kaycee. She’s much more likely to vote out Rockstar than Kaycee.

John Dooley said...

JC is voting with L6 and Sam has been going on since the veto ceremony that she will vote to Keep KC most likely. Will probably be 5-1 with fessy vote cancelled.

Unknown said...

It all depends on what JC does and Sam decide they are wild cards.

leroy janecek said...

Toby...JC will vote with L6

leroy janecek said...

Find Up...L6 would have the votes to save him..Kaycee, Angela, Tyler and Brett

romana118 said...

I believe L6 has the votes because JC and maybe Sam will also vote to evict Rockstar, or has this changed?

I don't know who watched the show last night, but can we take a moment to talk about how creepy/ bizarre Same's comments about mudhole/ bloodhole were to JC & Tyler?!? So bizarre. JC muttering afterwards, "that was terrifying!" - Absolutely agree. Does anyone know what on earth motivated that very graphic segue?

leroy janecek said...

Just saw on another blog that Tyler took Angela down and Kaycee took her place. Blockstar did not take it well...

MH said...

Absolutely Hayleighs ally is going home on her HoH.... LMAO! She was all pompous about being the hacker last week..... the thing about big brother... is ya gotta think ahead.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.... this season is amazing.

Dave Payne said...

JC has said multiple times that he will be voting rockstar out. Sam has said the same thing but she could go rogue.

daniel nevels said...

Unless something changes, JC is voting with L6.

Fins Up said...

JC sides with L6

Davinci said...

Is JC and Scottie locked on RS?

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