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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday: The Overnighter + Veto Comp Players

Happy Saturday to y'all!! This morning the Veto Comp Players were picked, so let's get that out of the way first...

Veto Comp Players are:

Hosting: Brett

Hacker Kaycee picked Tyler to play.

Today's Veto Comp is rumored to be the Otev Comp, which is always fun to watch and a fan favorite. I think the lineup is great and it's really anybody (except Rockstar's) competition to win. (Rockstar isn't as athletic as the other veto players and her punishment all week had her working out to the point of physical pain and exhaustion doesn't make things any better for her, sadly.)

Speaking of punishments, Kaycee's Peanut punishment and Rockstar's fitness program punishment are now officially over! Yayy! I gotta hand it to Rockstar, she really made the most of it and did it with very little complaining. Kaycee also had a good time with her punishment and was a champ, too. Kudos to both.

Back to the Veto...
Level 6 agreed to keep the noms the same (Angela/Rockstar) if Tyler/Kaycee/Angela win it. They have the votes to get Rockstar out and don't wanna risk anyone else going up. Since Sam has been going rogue and being problematic lately, I wonder if Kaycee (Level 6) will decide to cancel her vote out this week. We'll see.

Okay, so all night we had Sam having a mental/emotional breakdown. I'll cover mostly timestamps for those interactions as I don't have the strength (or time) to transcribe it all. Plus, she seems to be feeling better after a talk with Rockstar around 1:20am BBT.

We'll start with Sam's meltdown at 8:14pm BBT in the Storage Room.

Sam: "This is not what I signed up for. I'm not going to ruin any opportunity that I have outside of here to be happy because of a f*cking idiot. They think I'm stupid. Well, I'm not." (*Not sure who "they" is.)

At 8:17pm BBT, she heads up to the HOH room and tells the HOH Camera to "stop following her".

She asks Haliegh if she can listen to the CD she got in her HOH basket and she heads to the bathtub to be alone and listen to music for awhile.

8:42pm BBT:
Sam tells Hal that she "feels like an outcast".
Hal said she does, too. Sam said Hal is the prettiest girl in the house. Haleigh tells her all her insecurities that she has.

9:38pm BBT:

Angela: "Is there something going on that I don't know about?"
Sam: "No!
Angela: "Okay, great! I just feel like you haven't been yourself towards me lately and it's upsetting, that's all."
Sam: "I haven't been myself towards anybody in here. I f*cking hate this place. And everybody makes me uncomfortable. The whole situation makes me uncomfortable."
Angela: "I'm sorry, Sam."
Sam: "It's not you! It has nothing to do with you, or you working out, or you eating chicken, or you doing anything."
Angela: "Ok."
Sam: "Not everything's about you!"
Angela: "You're absolutely right."
Sam: "I was just askin' if you were gonna run because I need something to do and I was gonna flip the wall around. And invite you to do that."
Angela: "No I'm not gonna work out. I just showered."
Sam: "That's what I was asking."
Angela: "Ok."

Angela walks away.

Sam: "I'm just sick of this place! Everyone is so uptight! Can't do a f*ckin' thing and I'm done with it."
JC enters.
JC: "What's going on now?"
Sam: "Nothin' is going on. That's the problem. There's less people. Less activity. There's more discomfort."

Angela walked into the Lounge Room where Kaycee was sitting. Angela said she went in the kitchen to get some chicken..

Angela: "..and (Sam) was like 'are you about to meal prep?' and I said yea, I'm gonna cook some chicken."

During all this, Tyler is up in the HOH room doing what he does best..charming the HOH. And Haliegh is gaming the best way she being charming with a guy HG. lol Kinda funny to watch each other think they're fooling one another.
Tyler thanked her for not nominating him. She said he's not her backdoor plan this week. (*Sure, Jan.)

At 10:49pm BBT, Sam/Kaycee talked. Sam says that she's imagining things in her head and says like how she thinks people are talking about her. She tells Kaycee that she misses Bayleigh and that she made her (Sam) feel accepted. Sam also revealed that she hasn't had her period in months and she's usually regular. (*Eh. It's probably just the stress.)

Fast-forward to...

11:08pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Sam said she's not mad at anyone and that she just didn't know what she was signing up for (with Big Brother).

Kaycee: "So you have no idea what you signed up for?"
Sam: "They sent (me) a lamb to slaughter." (RE: BB sending Sam to the BB house)

Sam said that she is the perfect jury member and that she just can't get there soon enough.

At 1:20am BBT, Sam talked with Rockstar and made Sam feel better. (*I'm out of time and can't cover this, so flashback to it if you're interested.)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Today is the Veto Comp and that'll determine which direction this week will go. If Tyler/Kaycee/Angela win it, the noms will stay the same. If Hal/Fessy/Rockstar win it, Rockstar will get pulled off and then who knows what will happen. (Hal could try to backdoor Tyler, or put Kaycee up since The Hive suspects she could be the hacker). I'll be back later with the Veto Comp spoiler! Until then, enjoy your Saturday!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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leroy janecek said...

Let’s go L6!! Win that Veto comp!!

Unknown said...

Well we will see, but I have to admit I think Tyler might be doing a good job he was totally in Hays sites and now she's not even to put him up if he keeps pulling this stuff he deserves to win but I still don't care Angela so I hope he wins over her anybody over her

Dianne said...

Sam was not meant for BB. Not saying she is a Paulie, but I remember him saying to another HG that his therapist flat out told him not to go on BB as he would not react well to the confinement but he went anyway and imo he was a disaster. Hopefully Sam does what is best for her, but the environment and confinement seem to be causing her to lose it, even tho she has no enemies in the house. And again, she's not Paulie, but is exhibiting emotional instability which is tough to watch. She said some very weird things to Tyler and is becoming a liability. I'm rooting for the other side, I would like to see one of them to win POV but not gonna lie, I'm not very optimistic. 😣

Fins Up said...

I’m with the group to keep noms the same, but as soon as they can, let Sam go, she will be fine in the Jury house where she can take care of everyone there & the stress will be minimal, as long as Angela doesn’t show up too soon to case stress with Bay.

Gina Stjox said...

Sam I wish you could read this. You got this girl, you are strong independent women. I hope you are just joking saying you want to quit. Look how far you are. So many people wanted this and they picked you. Someday i hope you feel honored they chose you. You are a sweet young lady and yes young girls are looking up to you. So cry and get it together, you can do this. Let's go Sam!!!

UnionGrl said...

You guys are too hard on Angela. She is a calm, thoughtful, adult player and I thought she did a good HoH last week. That hacker twist would have had others in a tizzy but she just buckled down and made the most of it.

If L6/5/4 wins HoH this week coming I want Hayleigh and Fez on the block. Big man will have to produce or go home and he can't just win and be a hero to little miss. JC will have kittens but that's okay.

Vicky Lawrence said...

I saw on Twitter that Tyler won.POV.

Vicky Lawrence said...

Tyler won.

Vicky Lawrence said...

Tyler won.

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