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Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday: Noms + Hacker Comp Spoiler

Good evening, ladies & gents! We have a lot to cover from today's happenings, so let's just hop right into it.

Ok., so Tyler told Kaycee/Angela today (1:03pm BBT) that Sam made a comment to him about how "Angela is better for you (Tyler) than I am".

Tyler: "I was like what are you talking about? And she was like, 'I never wanted you more than a friend or a brother' and I was like Sam I know, you tell me that all the time, and she was like 'I don't wanna f*ck you'! And I was like I know!"

Kaycee said Sam's comment makes no sense.

Tyler continues.
Tyler: "She thinks I'm like in love with you (Angela), now that you used the veto on me. She thinks that..ugh..I dunno."

I believe that convo Tyler is talking about, is the convo they had this morning really quick while she was showering. The feeds only showed part of it, though.

Tyler said he's been wanting to talk to her and tried to talk with her, but she wouldn't talk to him and tried to have Kaycee get her to talk to him and how that hurt him. He said he doesn't wanna draw attention to him/Sam being together in the game, so they can't be seen talking all the time like they did at the beginning of the season because people caught onto it.

Sam: "We'll be alright."
Tyler leaves. Sam looks sad.

Okay, moving on to the juicy stuff...

HOH Haliegh locked in her noms for this week and they are...

Nominated for Eviction:


The feeds then went down a short time later for the Hacker Comp and...

The Hacker for this Week is:


Kaycee told Tyler/Angela that she won the Hacker Comp but said to not tell JC. Haleigh was visably pissed off that her or The Hive didn't win it and it's driving her crazy not knowing who won it and is pissed that it wasn't someone from her side (they all talked afterwards and said they didn't win it).

Haliegh: "Sh*t. Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t. F*ck me."

Then the feeds went down again for the Hacker Nomination Ceremony...

Hacker (Kaycee) took herself off the block.
Rockstar is the Hacker's replacement nominee

So now we have Rockstar VS Angela on the block as we head into the Veto Comp tomorrow.

EDIT: As I was typing this up, Sam/Tyler just had a convo in the Have Not Room.

Sam said that in her head, she hears a snakerattle when Tyler's nearby and that he's so stealthy and quiet, and that he barely even breathes. He laughed and said "I know." He listened to her, was holding hands with her, charmed her with his smile, and Tyler told Sam he will only use his power app if the veto gets used this week. They hugged and seemingly patched things up.

**And that's it for this Noms/Hacker post!! So tomorrow is the Veto Comp and as long as the noms stay the same, Level 6 is in control this week. It's been leaked on Twitter that tomorrow's Veto Comp will be the Otev Comp. A BB classic!! :D Okay guys & gals, enjoy your Friday Night watching the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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DeniseG said...

Yay Kaycee won something!!

After Haileigh messed up Angela's HOH why is she so upset that hers was too?

Also I think Sam seems really lonely now, missing family etc. hopefully she'll start playing again soon.

Thanks Jamie for the awesome recap!!

Cynthia said...

Thanks always for the great recap! I am LOVING this season. Hopefully we can say goodbye to Rockstar this week, Hailey next week and then clueless...I mean Fessy.

UnionGrl said...

I've said it before - who isn't a little in love with Tyler? It seems our Sam is as well. I'm glad they are patching it up. She had me worried there, like she was eyeing the cliff edge for a quick run.

Big high-5 to KC for bringing it when it counted!!

Nancy M said...

I saw that convo and Tyler looked uncomfortable lol

JKizzle said...

Has anyone here ever talked about how unorignal the name Swaggy C is? Not sure if there are any NBA fans out there, but a popular player Nick Young gave himself the name Swaggy P several years ago. That “Swaggy C” stole it from Swaggy P, gives no credit at all, and meanwhile makes t shirts and other swag with it is super whack to me. It is also trademark infringement if he intends to sell the gear.

Patience Ozor said...

I’m sick of Sam. She was annoying from day 1 and now she constantly complains and has paranoid delusions of people making fun of her. If she wants to leave then let her leave! She is so petty and jealous. First she puts Kaitlin on the block because she’s prettier than her and liked Tyler. The SAME THING IS NOW HAPPENING WITH ANGELA! Sam had a convo with Brett and he asked her if cinnamon is good on apples and her response was “why don’t you ask Angela?”. She just needs to self evict. Let the 9th jury vote be America. Furthermore is Brett switching sides to the Hive??? He talks to them a lot and the hive actually thinks Brett would use the veto on Rockstar? I hope it’s just him being charming and on eviction day he votes with Level 6/5/4.

BBWatcher said...

I hope Level 6 rolls over the Hive. Then they will have to turn on each other. That should be interesting to see.

Steve Robbins said...

Sam is genuinely breaking from reality. It's sickening to watch, as I think she shouldn't be in the house (as does she).

Missy said...

Brett is pretending to be working alone and has been trying to get close to the hive side for info. After kc won the hacker comp there was a moment when Brett was alone with his L6 pals and told them he missed them so much. Haleigh doesn't trust him fully but he is making progress.

Jon said...

Where did the nickname "the hive" come from?

Unknown said...

I was saying that from the first episode. It drove me nuts. Plus he used a pro wrestling promo on the way out. 0 originality out of that guy but an ego the size of Texas.

Auburn tiger said...

Sam is super self conscious. I feel bad for her.

Razldazlrr said...

Too bad - I wanted haleigh side to keep control and shake level 6 up! Not a fan of the hacker ap - makes the hog worthless

Stacia said...

Just read an interview with Julie and she confirmed Zingbog August 22nd! Not that I care about Fessy, but I hope he's still there for that. Please make fun of his man bun. I hate it so much! (I know Tyler has one as well, but not as dumb looking *lol*)

Mike Slagley said...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Sam has the hots for Tyler.

I feel bad for her, she seems like a sweet girl.

pgh fan said...

Brett is secretly spying but the hive thinks he is spying for them.

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