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Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday: The Overnighter (Lite Edition)

Good morning & Happy Monday, everybody! First I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who left a sweet comment here on the blog, on Twitter, on the Facebook group and the few of you who emailed me after reading about Bella (my dog) passing in December. I read every comment and got teary eyed at a lot of them. She was lucky to be so loved by y'all.

Okay, back to BB...
I'm running late for work and I have a doctors appointment in an hour, so I gotta get out of here as soon as possible. With that being said, let's just do a quick summary of what's going down:

*Tyler knows about Bay's power app (Angela told him 10:21pm BBT)
*Bayleigh made a "Pakistani" joke about Fessy apparently
*Sam did damage control with Haliegh by saying the "female empowerment" statement was for Kaitlyn, not her.
*Haleigh is distancing herself now from Fessy, which he's not happy about.
*Rockstar/Haleigh both agreed that while they wanna target the guys (girls alliance), they need the guys to target some of the girls (*yes you read that right)
*Tylers not using the veto
*Sam told Tyler to let her know how to vote this week
*Brett is staying as of now but that could change a hundred times between now & Thursday.

If you remember, Rachel told Angela about Bayleigh's power app, and last night Angela spilled the beans to Tyler. His response? "I knew it!" and then confusion on why she'd tell Rachel that.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Evel Dick is roasting Kaitlyn:

I'll be back later on tonight with a detailed post of what happened this afternoon and of course the Veto Ceremony Results as well. There shouldn't be any surprises since Tyler said he's not using it and espeically now since knowing about Bay's power app (he doesn't wanna piss her off).

**And that's the Overnighter Lite! Like I said above, anything can change after the veto isn't used on whether Rachel or Brett goes but as of now, it looks like Brett has the most votes to stay. Will that change? We'll have to see!!!

Stay tuned...
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MirrG said...

Sooo tired of Bay making discriminatory comments towards the other houseguests after going off on JC about having been discriminated.

Unknown said...

I completely agree! It’s so wrong and as Rockstar would say “DISGUSTING”

daryl42 said...

Lol eveldick is brutal but hilarious

Amanda Davis said...

I agree 100%! It's hypocritical and rude.

Steve Robbins said...

Bay wasn't wrong to be upset about JC saying n-word (him using it WAS provocative- she didn't know M-word was bad- he knew n-word IS, and didn't have to choose to say it to make his point).
But she better get called out for that outside the house. That's also not ok what she said.

Ian Owen said...

I heard there was a whole conversation about plastic surgery and who in the house has had it. I’m not sure why, but I’m curious: can anyone expand on this for me? I have some guesses and would love to know if I’m right! Haha

MonicaW said...

Loved Evil Dick’s comment to Kaitlyn. Spot on IMO.

Ronda said...

I agree. She is SO condescending to people. Can’t stand watching her in the HOH room talking down to everyone.

Mama B said...

He told her it was bad (M word) and she then continued saying it...

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