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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Weds: Taped Eviction Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents! Tonight's show is a special taped eviction episode. Since I blog every eviction show, I'll be live-blogging tonight's show as well.

Vegas (BB spoiler on Twitter) said that we can expect Sam to get evicted tonight and that JC won HOH and put up Angela/Tyler as his noms. Wow!

Now since we're at Final 4, the Veto is the most important thing this week. (HOH means safety and advances to Final 3.) Veto winner will pick who to take with them to F3. According to Vegas on Twitter just a little bit ago, it looks like Angela is worried in her DR sessions that Tyler won't actually take her to F2 and doesn't know if she'd take him to F2 if she wins Veto. (*Veto has not yet been played as of tonight.)

Tyler admitted to Kaycee today that they screwed up evicting Sam instead of JC. (*I've been saying for weeks on Twitter that Tyler should've gotten JC out and well...He screwed up. Let's see if it costs him the game or not.) During this convo, Kaycee told Tyler that she'll vote to keep him if JC wins the veto and doesn't use it. One thing is for sure: the L6 dream of a Kaycee/Angela/Tyler F3 is no longer a possibility and one of them will be going to jury tomorrow night.

Okie dokie, let's get this post going!!

8pm ET:
Show begins....

Julie introduced herself, again, as Julie Chen-Moonves.

8:06pm ET:
Tyler DR: says he wants to go F3 with a Level 6 member to show the jury he's "not afraid" of sitting next to a strong competitor.

8:19pm  ET:
Showing the Veto Comp (that Kaycee won)...
They had to find a Wizard, 2 Wolves and then Witches (in that order) in a maze.

8:39pm ET:
Time for the eviction!

The Votes:
Kaycee votes to evict SAM
Tyler votes to evict SAM

Evicted from the BB House is:


8:45pm ET:
Up next, the HOH Comp!

8:54pm ET:

Winner of the HOH Comp is:


The feeds will be turning back on tonight. I'm not sure when the Veto Comp will be played but I will let y'all know either tonight before bed (if they play it before then) or tomorrow morning before I go to work. Until then, have a great night!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Rebecca Cazares said...

Thank you, Jamie!! When you blog a live episode, it's like having a good friend sitting next to me watching the show! Thanks for all you do!!

Jamie said...

yay!! pass the popcorn! ;) haha

Debi Franklin said...


Leah Pants said...

I can't believe this! JC?!?

briiilowe said...


Stacia said...

The reason I thought Big Brother would be going away does not have to do with Julie staying with the show or not (which TMZ already confirmed that she's staying), but that Les Moonves is gone and can't help it stay on the air. Usually when the head of whatever network is ousted, anything that they had their hand in goes away as well. The ratings have been pretty decent and they've already confirmed Celebrity Big Brother, so we'll just have to see.

Stephanie Williams said...

It’s not just his hand in big brother. The execs know what works. That didn’t mean that they would cancel a high rating show

Dawn Matusz said...

I'm confused as to why L6 cared who won veto. If Sam/JC won, no matter who went up would be saved by Angela's tie-breaker if it came to a split vote. So melodramatic. They definitely should have got JC out when they could.

Unknown said...

So excited somebody else won!! Phew, about time. Goodbye L3. Was rooting for sam but that boat sailed long ago.

Tammy said...

I’m so happy for JC!!! Finally L6 doesn’t get exactly what they want!!!! Suddenly the game just got interesting. Week after week of arrogance has finally caught up with them. Don’t get me wrong, I do kinda like all of them but dang no one like the kid that always gets his/her way.

ME J said...

So happy JC won. I hope Tyler goes. Too cocky. Im still pissed abt Brett's eviction. L6 have been running things too long.

Dawn said...

I'm a Tyler fan all the way and so sad that JC won HOH... he is, well, let's just say, I read about the things he's done and he doesn't deserve to win.

BBWatcher said...

They screwed up by evicting Sam. They should have gotten JC out when they had the chance. L6 is paying for their stupidity.

Unknown said...

Kaycee passed up an amost guaranteed 500k win by not pullong jc off. Sure shes loyal but this is endgame now.

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