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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday: Double Eviction Episode

Good evening, ladies & gents!! Tonight's live Double Eviction episode begins at 9pm ET and I am soooo excited for it! I always love a good Double Eviction episode! :D

Tonight, we can expect Haleigh to be sent to jury (she still doesn't know she's leaving, as L6 keeps lying to her and making her feel safe...horrible jury management on L6's part), and then we'll watch the HG's battle it out in an HOH comp, Noms, Veto Comp and then another eviction. If all goes according to Level 6's plan, then we can expect Brett to get backdoored. Tyler seemingly convinced Brett to not try for HOH. Brett claims that he won't and he'll let Angela win it so she can get blood on her hands instead. Will he actually throw it though? We'll see!! The #TeamFunFeeds fan in me wants Brett to win just to throw L6 off their game and shake things up.

Alright, the show is starting shortly and I'll be here live-blogging as usual! Make sure to meet me back here with your snackies and we'll watch this episode together!! :D

9:00pm ET:
Big Brother begins...

9:11pm ET:

The Votes:
Tyler votes to evict HALEIGH
JC votes to evict HALEIGH
Brett votes to evict HALEIGH
Angela votes to evict HALEIGH

Evicted from the BB House is:


Kaycee/Angela threw Brett under the bus by lying/saying Brett told them she (Haleigh) would gun after them if she stayed and to blame Brett for her eviction. Meanwhile, Brett's goodbye message said "Kaycee/Tyler/Angela wanted you out this entire time". When Julie asked Hal who she believed, she said Kaycee/Angela. (*Omg!! lol)

9:24pm ET:
Time for the HOH Comp!!! It's an A/B question comp.

Winner of the HOH is:


Tyler/Brett just talked in the Have Not room and its sounds like Tyler is going to nom JC/Sam and he told Brett to NOT win veto (so that L6 can get him out lol) but we'll see what happens!!

9:33pm ET:
Tyler is talking to Sam in the Have Not room and telling her to trust him. She said she trusts him. (He's putting her up as a pawn).

Nominated for Eviction is:

SAM and JC

9:38pm ET:
Time for the Veto Comp!!! All HG's are playing.

Winner of the Veto is:


Angela/Tyler talked and they agree to take JC off the block and put up Brett.

9:45pm ET:
Time for the Veto Ceremony!

Angela used the veto on JC.
Tyler made BRETT the replacement nom

Evicted from the BB House is:


Brett's interview with Julie: he said he respects the game and when Julie asked if he'll vote "emotionally" on finale night, he said he doesn't know. (*He seemed like a good sport though.)

Sidenote: My laptop started lagging and I couldn't get a gif of Brett's eviction.

Also, Julie signed off with "I'm Julie Chen Moonves". That's weird. Hmm.

TONIGHT: The HOH Comp will begin at some point. I have no clue if it'll be on the feeds or not.
SUNDAY: HOH Comp/Noms episode
TUESDAY: taping of eviction for Weds show (feeds might be down)
THURSDAY: Live Eviction

Stay tuned...
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karyn peddicord said...

Did anyone else think that when Sam was delivering her speech and said she’d “take a piece of each one” of the houseguests with her she meant that literally and not figuratively??

Unknown said...

Haha!! I 1000% had that same EXACT thought!!

Mo Mo said...

Yes hahaha which is why i think the audience was laughing too!

Leah Pants said...

Noooooooooo not brett 😭

Unknown said...

Lol, yes!

Unknown said...

Did Julie just call Brett “Brent” and then add “Moonves” to her name (which she never does)?

Joe Yerby said...

That was dirty! poor Brett. He's the most likable guy in there, but he wasn't even given a chance to explain himself. I declare Kaycee the winner. You heard it here first!

wantmoredrama said...

Oh my gosh! Those exact words came out of my mouth too!!!

jcb said...

I heard that too!
... and so did he, by his face!

jcb said...

Yes she did!
... and he heard it too from the look on his face


Poor Brett ����

Crystal said...

A friend told me Julie’s husband is going up against sexual harassment charges and she even took a few days off the talk.. probably why

Unknown said...

There a big sexual harassment scandal going on with her husband Les Moonves who was ceo of cbs. She probably said her name that way to show support for her husband

Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
danny rios said...

Yes, I noticed both of those. I guess Julie is supporting her husband through all this. I'm scared to see if this ends up being Big Brothers last season.

Grace said...

I have been rooting for Tyler from early on and while I still hope he wins, I’m beginning to be doubtful that he will. Tyler is so seemingly dead set on his Final 2 with Kaycee that he hasn’t considered she is the one person he is probably least likely to win against in the end. Maybe he’ll see it soon (probably not!) but it may be too late already. I think Kaycee may have it... she’s good with everyone left in the house AND with the jury!

Nikki said...

I think she added Moonves to her sign off to show support for her husband since he was ousted from CBS.

Tony Sobczak said...

Dang straight.

briiilowe said...

I caught both of those too! Assuming that was her showing support for her husband.

Dennis Muxlow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I agree on Kaycee

Ben Murphy said...

She did I had to go back and hear it 3 times. He gave her a funny look. 😂

Unknown said...

Yes and yes

Unknown said...

Angela wearing the HOH key on the live feeds. They're talking about how lvl 6 has won the last 10 comps in a row.

ME J said...

Moonves in defiance of the many many accusations against her hubby. She sb ashamed. She has no talent.

Unknown said...

poor Brent

MonicaW said...

Absolutely thought that. Everyone in there needs to count fingers and toes every morning when they wake up...

natasha catz said...

That’s not very nice.

Carrie Thompson said...

Early on in the season, I said we were all sleeping on Kaycee. I really hope she pulls out the W for this season.

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