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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday: Nominations + Concert

Happy Saturday, y'all!! The feeds were down for 6 hours last night (thus why there wasn't a post last night on the noms) as the HG's did their Nomination Ceremony and then had a backyard concert. Let's see who was nominated...

Nominated for Eviction is:

SAM and JC

So everything went as planned. Sam is this weeks target but it'll all come down to veto. Kaycee told JC that he's just a pawn this week which made him feel better.

There's been some game talk today, first it was with JC/Tyler. JC told Tyler that they need to get Kaycee out this week but Tyler told Kaycee after that convo that it's them (Tyler/Kaycee) to the end. So it seems that Tyler is sticking with his F2 deal with Kaycee until the end.

Since we are just 1 1/2 weeks away from the finale, things are going to be different from the seasons normal schedule (we have an eviction taping most likely on Tuesday, which will throw things off) so I will post when something changes like when there's a veto comp, if feeds will be down for days as they tape an eviction, etc. Us bloggers aren't given a timeline of the last week'ish of events, so we'll have to go into it blindly.

The fist 2/3 of this season was ahhmazing!!..but it has been stalled out for weeks now and as a fan, I just wish they'd speed things up at this point and get the Final 3 HOH Comp going already. lol Still the best season in several years, and for that, I'm grateful.

Today is the Veto Comp and as of 1:22pm BBT, it still has not yet been played. I'll update whenever the feeds come back (as long as they come back on before I go to bed lol) Who do you want to win Veto today?

Stay tuned...
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Unknown said...

Sam! Just so maybe JC will go home.

Kevin said...

I want Sam to win veto because I want JC out of there!!! But also I wouldn't mind if Kaycee won because she's been killing it and I would enjoy her veto streak to continue.

leroy janecek said...

Let’s go Sam!!! I want JC evicted!

Unknown said...

Much smarter of Tyler to get JC out first.

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