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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday: The Overnighter

Welcome to your Thursday and Happy Live Eviction Show Day to y'all!! Tonight, we will see Bayleigh leave and head off to the Jury House (Juror #1) unless Sam and/or Scottie flip the vote.

Scottie talked a lot to Hayleigh last night and just like every other week, I'm not entirely sure where Scottie is on the votes. He's been playing both sides of the house up to until now. As I mentioned on Twitter, Scottie is going to have to pick a side and this week should be that week..otherwise he'll risk his game getting damaged. He's been pretty good up until now, so we'll see what he does moving forward.

Scottie's vote doesn't matter though, as long Level 6 still has Sam and they do. Sam confirmed to Angela last night that she is indeed voting Bayleigh out and that's enough votes even with Tyler's vote being canceled out by Hacker Hayleigh.

Anyway, back to Scottie....
After going through all the conversations between Scottie/Hayleigh last night, here's the breakdown:

Scottie to Haleigh:

*that Bay pitched F3 w/ him/Fessy/Bay (which then ticked off Hay and now she doesn't trust Bayleigh)
*Scottie said they should keep Rockstar (since Hay only trusts him/Rockstar now)
*says L6 thinks Scottie will put hay up if he wins HOH but wont
*Hay tells Scottie to get info from L6
*Scottie tells Hay to vote with house unless they have for sure 4 votes (*they don't)
*Scottie told Hay that Brett is voting out Bay
*he then tells Hay he'll vote (with her) to keep Bayleigh if she wants and betray L6
*Hay asks if Scottie wants f4 with her/him/Brett/Rock
*Scottie said L6 thinks he's fake flirting with Hay but it's genuine

Scottie to L6/Tyler/Brett

*tells Tyler that the Hive wants to keep Bay but they don't have the votes
*says Hay might not be hacker, even after her admission of it (*protecting Hay?)
*confirms to Tyler that he's voting bay out
*Scottie tells Brett if the vote is 6-1, they'll know it was Fessy (*setting him up?)

Ya know...sometimes I feel like this dude when doing the Overnighter...

I give up trying to figure out Scottie. lol I do think he's mostly with Level 6, for what it's worth.

Moving on...

Now we'll talk about Sam. *sigh*

Sam, Sam Sam. I had such high hopes for this girl but lately she's been nothing short of a disappointment, sadly. I'm not sure what's going on with her the past couple of weeks, but she seems to have checked-out of the game and just will do whatever Tyler/L6 wants her to do until she gets to jury. That's Sam's "game" these days in a nutshell.

Yesterday, Angela/Kaycee/Tyler talked about Sam and how she said she made comments on how she's not playing the game and she's ready to walk out the door. Kaycee (correctly) figures out that someone is putting stuff into her head. (*For the record, it was Bayleigh the other day. She told Sam "Or you could just playing the game." and it hurt Sam's feelings.) Kaycee said she's gonna get to the bottom of it and figure out who's getting in her head. Angela said she feels very protective of Sam and she thinks it's "bullsh*t" that The Hive is using her emotions against her and how she (Angela) will protect Sam like a bulldog.

In other news...
Bayleigh/Angela got into a bit of a spat yesterday at 10:14pm BBT.

Bayleigh is taking Angela's game move personally. Angela kept reminding her that it's not a personal thing and it's a game move. Bayleigh accused Angela of "talking behind her back", which Angela said she never did that. Bayleigh said she was her "ride or die" in the game and she did her wrong in the game as far as lack of loyalty goes.

Bayleigh's argument is that if Angela thought she was the hacker, why not just come and ask her. Angela points out that it wouldn't have achieved anything because the hacker isn't going to confess to it anyway. Bayleigh goes on to say that she "got the short end of the stick" and that Angela has "treated her really bad". Bayleigh is making stuff up, like Angela "laughing at her when she went outside" (which never happened) so Angela walks away saying she's not having this conversation and denies she did anything of the sort. Bayleigh said she never tried to talk to her.

Angela: "(That's) a 2-way street."

Bayleigh comments that she did try to talk to her in the HOH room but she said she wasn't ready to talk, so why not come to her after that when she was ready. Angela reminds her she did talk to her yesterday on the living room couch.

Angela heads upstairs, again saying that she's not continuing the conversation, as Bayleigh wants an apology. Angela continued up the stairs, as Bayleigh walked away aggravated.

Bayleigh: "Yea because you're never wrong. You're perfect."
Angela: "Thank you."

**And that's it for The Overnighter! Since today is the Live Eviction Show, and the feeds are always off/on on live show days (as production gets set up, HOH lockdown, etc), there will be no Afternoon Post. I'll be back tonight to live-blog tonight's eviction episode as usual. I'll see y'all back here tonight at 9pm ET!!

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

bayleigh - you're perfect ------Angela - thank you! ha ha - that would so be my response!

Razldazlrr said...

just thinking how crazy bayleigh will probably go in jury house with no one there to argue with or support her! she will probably be always talking to production (or whoever is there!)

DeniseG said...

FYI-for those of us in the SF Bay Area, tonite's show will be on Ch 44 due to football.

I thought Scottie was friends with Tyler? I like him but I'm confused about his loyalties.

I had high hopes for Sam too. Kaycee was trying to boost her confidence last night- I didn't know they were that close.

designdesign said...

Sam has been a disappointment this whole season. I don't usually agree with Bayleigh, but she was right to tell her to finally start playing the game. It is so upsetting to see Sam say she is okay going to jury whenever. I think Scottie would be wise to stick with Haleigh. So far, only Tyler and Angela can win competitions on L6's side. (Besides, Angela didn't really win the veto.) Although they don't make the best decisions, it makes sense to stick with his original side of the house, competition wise, if they have any chance of evicting Tyler.

Steve Robbins said...

Yes... I often feel the need to huff spray paint while I share a bed with someone who may or may not be my biological father when I watch this show! (the Charlie picture you posted)

Geneva said...

Jamie you owe Bailey an apology. Why you ask. Hell if I know apparently in Baileys world everybody owes her one lol

Brenda Reed said...

I find it very sad how a person can self-destruct in such a short time. Bayleigh is doing that on TV, but there are plenty of other young people on society today who do the same thing. As an older parent, it frightens me for my kids and what they'll have to put up with once they become contributing members of society. I see 10 year olds act that way. It really bothers me.

Htown said...

I’m not a huge fan of Bayleigh myself, but without her, the other side of the house will steamroll over the rest of the HGs right to the finale. Bayleigh’s crass, but she won’t win. Angela on the other hand is often unapologetically wrong, and Brett enjoys other’s misery just like the jerk bro he is. People got onto Rockstar for whining about “people like him [Brett] always win”, but it’s kind of true

MonicaW said...

Demanding an apology from them for some minor infraction... geeeeeeeze.

Wendy fornes said...

Does anyone know the song that Sam was humming this morning? I can’t think of the name of this song. Driving me crazy. Please help.

Unknown said...

Oh yes you are so right about Brett, Angela and Bayleigh they are all the same person the mean kids in high school they all are horrible.

kb said...

Someone tell Angela how to properly pronounce the word frustrating. Not a fan of her or Bailey. Bailey can go tonight and she can go next week hopefully. :) They're both mean girls.

Fins Up said...

It is 2:40BBH time & Sam, after listening to Kaycee about how the vote is currently divided. Sam frets & is now laying & crying in Fes’s arms on his bed.

I’m sorry Sam, time for you to go

MH said...

Bye Bayleigh..... good riddance.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for letting us know about the channel change! We almost missed it!

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