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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, BB addicts!! As we learned yesterday, HOH Angela won the Veto Comp and she plans on saving Tyler with it. So, who will be the replacement nom? That'll be Bayleigh, as planned. Bayleigh is being kept in the dark due to Angela/Tyler fearful of Bay's power app possibly being used (*it cant, it'll go out the door with her on Thursday). Bay is nervous that she could be the renom and this fueled a conversation later on in the night to try to start up the Girls Alliance again (*lol).

If it's Rockstar/Bayleigh on the block this week, Bay will leave. Tyler went over the votes yesterday and figured out that worst case scenario, they'd have 4-3 (for Bayleigh to get evicted) with the hacker vote included in that equation.

The Veto Comp, which was hosted by former BB houseguest Jessie Godderz, was a prizes and punishments comp. Oddly enough, Tyler passed up the Veto and took the trip to Hawaii prize instead. (We'll have to wait on his DR's on Wednesday to see why because this doesn't seem logical and he's a pretty logical guy). Angela passed up the $5,000 to take the Veto to save Tyler from the block.

The Veto Comp Prizes & Punishments are as followed:

Tyler-Trip to Hawaii

Kaycee-Health Nut Costume Punishment
Brett-Getting yelled at by a 'granny' for 24 hours
Rockstar-Jessie's Health & Fitness Program punishment (w/ costume)

At 2:52pm BBT yesterday, Scottie/Tyler/Angela were in the HOH room talking about how Bayleigh made Scottie swear on the bible for things game-related and how messed up that is. Scottie broke down in tears.

Tyler: "That's f*cked up, Scottie."

Flashback Clip: In case you're wondering what he's talking about, here's a gif of a clip of Bayleigh making Scottie put his hand on the bible to promise his loyalty and her future safety with him if he won HOH.
This conversation is more of pulling Scottie onto their side and being a vote with them, furthering secluding the other side (Haleigh/Fessy/Bay/Rockstar). (*I think Scottie might actually be with them because after this convo, Rockstar tried to gain info from Scottie and he didn't give her anything.)

3:27pm BBT:
Scottie/Tyler were talking before Brett entered. Scottie was telling him how he's tired of always being blamed for things (like wonky votes). Brett enters and eventually asks Scottie to leave the room so him/Tyler can talk. (Brett was acting mad at Tyler in front of other HG's post-Veto, with Brett saying how he couldn't believe that Tyler passed up the veto and took a trip to Hawaii instead..but it was all an act.)

Scottie leaves.
Brett/Tyler hug and celebrate Tyler's safety this week via Angela winning the veto.

Brett said he had to "take advantage of that situation" and act mad at Tyler (Tyler switching prizes) and that JC legit thinks he's mad at Tyler. This is so that the 'other side' (including JC) of the house will hopefully give him useful info that he can bring back to the alliance. Smart! Brett told Tyler that he did mess up though because by taking the trip and not the veto, it showed his cards that he's with Angela.

Tyler eventually told Kaycee that Brett is just acting pissed, and then Kaycee filled in Sam.

Fast-forward to...

At 6:40pm BBT, Angela confirms to Kaycee that Bayleigh will be the renom tomorrow. (Angela told Brett earlier that she's looking forward to watching Rockstar and Bayeligh campaign against each other this week. This girl is savage. lol)

Around 7:30pm BBT, Haleigh/Rockstar/Bayleigh wanna do another All Girls Alliance (minus Sam). Hal/Rock go up and start pitching the idea to Angela.
Rockstar said the girls (sans Sam) would make the house divided, 5-5. Angela (barely) plays along but she's truly not interested in it.

9:24pm BBT:
HOH Room

Angela is filling Kaycee in on the "All Girls Alliance" thing. Angela said they must be "really scrambling" to try pitch this to them after the veto comp. Kaycee said how would that even work, since the guys knew about the last Girls Alliance. (*lol) Kaycee thinks the idea is stupid. Angela said Bayleigh (who is worried about being the renom) is just scared and looking to stay safe this week but then the girls alliance would end right after Thursday and go back to the way things were anyway.

Bayleigh then entered and said she'd like to see Rockstar taken off and Scottie up as the renom and pitches the All Girls Alliance thing. Angela said the AGA didn't work the last time, though.

10:30pm BBT:

Angela warns Sam that the girls are trying to start an All Girls Alliance, without her. Sam is sad and feels left out. Angela said she's not sure what she's gonna do yet with the Veto. Sam, who thought Angela was hinting at her going up on the block tomorrow, said she hopes Angela would warn her in advance that she's going up. Angela said she's not going up and that she loves Sam and that it hurts her heart to hear Sam think she'd do that to her.

11:35pm BBT::
Haleigh tells Angela to save Rockstar and put up Scottie (same pitch as Bayleigh earlier). Haleigh then goes and tells Fessy her convo with Angela went good and thinks it'll work.

And last but not least...

At 12:55am BBT, Haleigh told Fessy that it'd be better to get Scottie out this week (as a renom) VS Tyler because Tyler is easier to "manipulate and control". (*snort-laugh* Oh, child.)

And that's it for The Overnighter!! Today is Sunday Funday for myself, so I won't be back until tomorrow morning. Have a great rest of your weekend, guys & gals!!

Stay tuned...
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Mike Slagley said...

Is Haleigh this oblivious or does she know she's just making stuff up at this point? Tyler is running that house.

leroy janecek said...

Agreed...go Tyler!

UnionGrl said...

Who isn't a little in love with Tyler? He has the lanky swimmer's body, a good face, and an abundance of real charm. I would love to see this guy go all the way, but as we know things don't always go as they should on BB.

sissy92101 said...

I think Tyler and JC are the top ones to win I think they both will take Sam far in the game.

Missy said...

Sisdy, I 100% agree with you. So many people are not acknowledging the work JC is doing. He is running the house as much as Tyler is, he's just more under the radar.

Davinci said...

I hope Kaycee steps up her game. I think she is a dark horse here but she can certainly win. Scottie played some risks but I like his chances too.

Sam is suspect to me although she seems authentic... I don’t know. Something seems off to me about her

Mama B said...

Anyone else notice the hacker comp’s accent was Russian?? 😂 coincidence CBS??

Kb said...

Angela is a mean girl, what a bully.

Psalms46:10 said...

I don’t like that Angela told Sam she doesn’t know what she will do with the veto. Makes me nervous.
Because why would she want Tyler to throw the veto to her so she could save him when she is already safe and by doing that they just out themselves as working together?
And why did Tyler even agree to that? What was the benefit to either of them???!
Angela is showing herself to be so ruthless it’s hard to trust her at all, I think.

Unknown said...

Ya Tyler will win and because everyone wants him to. I like Sam to win but CBS had him on TKO so he will win.He is someone I like though so you know it's ok. I hope SAM THOUGH!

Unknown said...

I think JC is running it lol. Taylor got securely nominated.

DeniseG said...

Since Scottie was an original nominee how can he be put up again as renom?
I'm hoping they get Bay out this week

Ian Owen said...

Why do people like Sam so much? Even excluding her HoH nomination speech that set people off, she is actively refusing to play the game. If you dug her HoH style of making her own decisions with no outside influence, that’s one thing. But her absolutely ludicrous Hacker plan was so dumb and openly tried to undermine CBS for having the competition at all. She literally tried to get everyone to not even play the comp so she could “win”, not use any of her powers, and then life in the house could “go on as normal.” Newsflash, this isn’t summer camp. Not to mention she has simply been told how to vote every week by bossman Ty. I’m sure she’s a nice person in the real world, but she probably deserves to win LESS than just about anyone else.

Well, besides Rockstar.

CarKay said...

I think she did it so she can use it against him later.. Tyler took the trip over Veto, etc

Fins Up said...

Guess CBS didn’t feel comfortable with a Chinese sounding hacker - (I don’t mean that to sound tacky, but China just isn’t in the news for their hacking anymore).

Fins Up said...

Hacker Comp didn’t have the same protections the Veto does

Unknown said...

I didn't like the way Bay acted when she was HOH she came off as a bully. I like Angela and would love to see Bay backdoored.

Unknown said...

I didn't like the way Bay acted when she was HOH she came off as a bully. I like Angela and would love to see Bay backdoored.

pkeallen said...

came to ask the same question as can Scottie be the renom when he was an original nominee? Also Bay is way too aggressive with all these hyperbole's that she keeps throwing out - calm down girl and get a different strategy its creeping people out!

GoodRichard said...

Way under...

Unknown said...

Angela is definitely a mean girl!!! Rachel was trying to help her and she threw Rach under the bus and then stepped on her!!! Sam is delusional! I want JC to be put up cause even tho he's a good player, he's way too comfortable!!! This has been the BEST BB season yet......even tho I say that every year!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!!!!! BYE BYE BAY!!!!!!!! :)

Leah Pants said...

Yes! I laughed

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