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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday: The Overnighter

Good morning & welcome to your weekend!! Okay, so I gotta admit that I was hoping I'd go to bed and wake up not nearly as pissed off as I am at this twist. (*While I do like Tyler, this isn't about that), but I woke up even more pissed off at this hacker twist. lol

As I said in the Overnighter yesterday, this twist holds way too much power. Evel Dick tweeted the same exact thing last night, too. He also tweeted that if by some chance Tyler does get evicted, that someone will come back in the game for sure. I agree. Grodner isn't gonna let him go and I'd imagine she's probably kicking herself for this outcome the same way she was pissed off at Kaitlyn failing a childs puzzle (which apparently screwed up BB's schedule and now there might not be a Double Eviction because of it).

Ugh..the messssss!!!!

So as it stands, if Tyler does not win veto or get pulled off the block by another HG, he's most likely getting evicted. Here's the breakdown: (7:44pm BBT)

If the noms stay the same (Rockstar vs Tyler), then the votes would be Brett/Kaycee/JC/Sam on one side VS Bay/Hal/Fessy/Scottie on the other & if the Hacker cancels one of Tyler's votes, he's toast.

Tyler: "If Brett can survive being on the block twice, I can too."

The good news is that Tyler has the chance to win it himself, Angela to win it and pull him off, and any other L6 members getting picked to play in the Veto Comp. Also, Scottie told Tyler (5:44pm BBT) if he plays and wins the veto, he'll save him. (*Not sure if he would, though.) In addition, Fessy told Angela that if he wins the veto that he'd do whatever she wanted (but I don't think that'd hold either). Also, JC wants Bayleigh out, out, out!..this week (I'll go over why in the Overnighter), so I can see him working on Fessy to use to save Tyler to put up Bayleigh.

This weeks plan is still to backdoor Bayleigh and espeically now because L6 thinks the hacker is Bayleigh.

6:32pm BBT:
JC is telling Fessy to tell people he won't use the Veto if he plays and wins.It's hard to make out much of what JC is saying (even Fessy is asking "what?" and he's a foot away from his face. lol Between the house noises, JC's accent and his whispering, it's hard to hear.)

7:45pm BBT:
Bayleigh was eating some chips when JC came over to grab one and she snatched the bag from him,

Bay: "ASK!!"
JC: "Are they yours?!"
Bay: "I'm literally eating them right now!"
JC: "I was gonna grab one and put (the bag) back! Girl!..God.."

This has since fueled JC to want Bayleigh out this week and said he'll do anything to see that happen. He's tired of her attitude.

9:19pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Fessy said it might've been Bayleigh. JC tells him to not go around saying who he thinks the Hacker is because she still has an app power.

9:58pm BBT:
Rockstar/Bayleigh/Haleigh are laying down talking about the veto comp. Haleigh, who is in deep thought (about who to pick to play in veto with her secret Hacker power), says she wonders who will get picked by the Hacker to play. Rockstar points out it can be someone from the Hacker's side, or someone totally random to throw things off.

Haleigh: "That's true."

12:48am BBT:
Tyler goes to bed, but not before Sam gives him a nice hug first.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! Tyler seemed to be doing some thinking and stirring in bed for a bit before passing out for the night. I'm sure his wheels are turning. Today is the Veto Comp and it's a big one!! I'll be back later with the spoiler.

Stay tuned...
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UnionGrl said...

The perfect outcome would be Ty winning the veto and Angela putting up Bayleigh. I'll bet Haileigh wouldn't see that coming - or would she? As long as a strong player is removed I think she would be happy - or not, who knows? I'm so tired of Queen Bay that her removal would allow other players to step forward. I really resent her assumption that when she has been thwarted, or is having a bad day she can just go off on people (like poor Rockstar) and there is no reckoning for her.

KathyC said...

JC isn’t the only one tired of Queen Bay’s attitude! She’s acting so entitled! Wonder if she was cast to play this role - hope she’s not really like this in person!

Mike Slagley said...

So, I presume that if Tyler wins veto and takes himself off, the HOH will put up the renom and not Hayleigh, right?

Jamie said...

correct. Her only power left (now that veto players were picked) is to cancel out a vote on eviction night of her choosing.

Angela, the HOH, will make the renom if Tyler or Rockstar come off the block with the veto.

dappledog said...

Sam you’re doing exactly what you call the girls out on about hugs and flirting! Are you disrespecting Tyler? Lol! But I’m sure she believes what she’s doing is totally different than what the other girls are doing.

Jamie said...

you referring to Sam hugging her friend Tyler?

Geneva said...

Exactly. Heaven forbid a female hug her male friend. I don't recall her jumping in bed and stroking him or having sex with him . totally different

dappledog said...

Yes hugging him. I still have a problem with her speech to Haleigh and Kaitlyn about hugging and flirting. She has been doing the same.

dappledog said...

No she hasn’t done any of that but why give a speech about hugging and flirting to the girls (K and H) when she’s doing the same. Sam judged the girls based on her own standards. I don’t think that’s fair of her. Plus I think Bay is the only one who has had sex.

slnc said...

I agree Dappledog...she did the same exact thing she accused them of the very same night with Fessy! She was definitely out of order with her speech to those ladies..

Unknown said...

Kaitlyn was hooking up and giving hand jobs. That's more than hugging.

Psalms46:10 said...

I don’t think Sam’s intentions are to be flirtatious as to use and mislead the guys. I believe she is genuine and so her being affectionate is not hypocritical in that sense. I think Sam did not articulate her words well when she gave her nomination speech because I think she was moreso speaking to the girls’ (Hayleigh and Kaitlyn’s) ingeniuine intentions and flirtatious ways with the guys and not just their actions alone. A hug is not flirtatious, although it can be but doesn’t seem that way when Sam does it. I like her. She has good moral convictions. Not the best BB player but she is a (for the most part) a sweetheart.
But ANGELA just showed her true colors! And BAY has been acting like a mean girl way too long. I want Kaycee in final 2 with Tyler.

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