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Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday: The Overnighter

Good morning & TGI-Friday!! :D This morning I feel like I have a live show hangover, it was sooo good!!! After the past few crappy seasons, we absolutely deserve this amazing season. I love it!!

Okay so as we heard last night before the show went off the air, there's a new twist coming into play this week. The details are still not 100% clear but the HG's were informed last night (8:40pm BBT) of the new twist. Sam told Bayleigh that this Hacker Comp twist kinda makes her power irrelevant because her power can't override the Hacker's power. She agreed because her power has to be used before noms.

Between this twist, Tyler's power app, and Bayleigh's power app, we could be in for one awesome and totally messy week (much like this season has been lol).

The details about the Hacker Comp seem to be the following: (1) a comp that will be played after the Nomination Ceremony for the next 2 Friday's (only lasts 2 weeks) (2) winner can remove one HG from the block and choose the renom, (3) pick a Veto player, and (4) cancel out 1 eviction voteAll these details are NOT confirmed yet, just basing it off of what I've heard on Twitter. (*This all sounds so messy and honestly, like way too much power for one HG). We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out this week and for Sunday's episode to get all the official details.

So, what's in store for this week? Well, JC/Tyler want Bayleigh backdoored. (Sidenote: If Bay uses her power for noms, she can still get backdoored..for those of you asking). Scottie thinks he could be a nom, but JC said he'll talk to Angela about keeping them (JC/Scottie/Fessy) safe this week (at 9:50pm BBT, JC did just that & encouraged her to get Bayleigh out this week.) Like I said yesterday in the Overnighter, JC was setting up his vote to be pinned on Rockstar and that's exactly what he told Scottie (8:07pm BBT).

At 9:03pm BBT, Angela tells Tyler she's thinking of putting up Rockstar/Fessy with a backdoor Scottie plan because he scares her the most in the game & because Scottie has been throwing her name around.

Tyler: "Yea, he told me he was gonna put you up."

Tyler adds to tell Scottie that she "heard it from Rachel". (*lol) Tyler starts out the same way he always does with a new HOH...he agrees, at first..then gives his opinion on what he'd do. ;)

Tyler: "Backdooring Bayleigh wouldn't be the worst idea..." (*There it is! lol)

Tyler said to scare Bay into using her power to flush it out. Angela doesn't think she'll use it this week but maybe next week when it expires. Angela said she'll tell Bayleigh she's putting Fessy up and that he'll be mad if she doesn't save him with her power app. Tyler said he plans on winning the Hacker Comp and thinks if 'the other side' wins it, then he'll end up on the block (via Bayleigh's app).

9:30pm BBT:
Bay thinks Scottie is the one that flipped the vote. She tells Tyler this. She also told him the truth that her power lasts until Final 8.

10:43pm BBT:
Sam calls a House Meeting. She wants everyone to throw her the Hacker Comp by refusing the even play it and then she'll get the power and not use it, this way the game goes back to normal.

Scottie: "You want me to throw a comp??
Sam: "Listen..."

Rockstar hates the idea and is fighting back against her. Scottie is laughing at it, as JC also pushes against the plan. They think maybe a secret vote to see if majority rules would be a good idea, but then the plan falls flat and ends there. Womp, womp.

Fessy/JC head into the lounge room and start laughing at Sam's plan.

Then Haleigh and Bayleigh entered and laughed, too.

At 11:11pm BBT, Bay is laying into Rockstar because she thinks she flipped her vote.

She said she saw her/Brett talking alone in the Lounge Room (aka Geo Room) and that she (B) looks like an idiot. Rockstar keeps saying it wasn't her, but Bayleigh is being relentless. This conversation is a must-see on the feeds. It's awkward, cringe-worthy, and Bayleigh looks like she's lost her damn mind. (*Sweetie...your alliance only had 4 votes and there was 5 that got Rachel out. Do the math lol Genius, my a**.)

At 11:27pm BBT, Rockstar is ugly-crying to Kaycee and Sam. She said she wanted Brett out of the house "so bad" because he's messing up her game.

Rockstar: "I'm over it. I'm f*cking over it."

11:51pm BBT:
Rockstar is trying to talk to Bayleigh but she still isn't believing Rockstar and says she's over the drama. Rockstar continues to patch things up.

Rockstar: "You don't trust me, then you don't trust me. But I don't trust any of them. I don't know what happened."

Bay said that Rockstar and Scottie are "masterminds" and know the game really well. Rockstar said when the show is over and she watches it back, she wants to be friends after that.

12:20am BBT:
Angela/Bayleigh talk. Angela tells her she's not going up (as an initial nom, anyway.) Bayeligh explained her app details and that as long as Fessy doesn't go up on the block, then she won't use it. Angela said that she's not nominating Bayleigh or Fessy. It'll be 2 other people with her "name in their mouth".

Meanwhile downstairs, JC is telling Tyler that he wants Bayleigh out.

2:00am BBT:

Angela tells Kaycee that she's nominating Rockstar this week.

2:34am BBT:
So this is happening again.

Fessy said they need more alone time and that when they get out of the house, he wants her to be his girl.

Haleigh: "Okay."
Fessy: "Okay?"
Haleigh: "You don't know me. You might not like me."
Fessy: "I wanna get to know you."

Annnnd I'm done here. I'm about to vomit at this sh*t.

Moving on...

2:34am BBT:
HOH Room
Formerly Level 6 (now Level 4)

Angela confirms that Rockstar/Scottie will be the noms, with Rockstar as the target. Both Bayleigh and Fessy will both be backdoor options. She wants to see where the chips fall after the Hacker and Veto comps before making any other plans. Tyler spills the beans to everyone how Bayleigh told him that her app power is until Final 8.

Angela said if one of them (Level 4 + maybe JC) wins the Hacker Comp, then they could come to the group and admit and secretly get rid of Bayleigh or Fessy and have no blood on their hands.

Angela: "It's perfect."

*And that's it for this looooonnnng Overnighter!! Today we have a full schedule with the Nomination Ceremony and tehn the Hacker Comp as well, so make sure you stay tuned to the blog. Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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wantmoredrama said...

Honest to Good God - you are the best Jamie!! You truly capture what we ALL want to see and hear I love your blog. I hope you continue!! I have been hitting refresh all morning - just waiting for your post! I 100% agree with you that this season is what we've all been waiting for. Soooooo good so far!!! I'm sorry it took so long to donate to you! I get so caught up in the blog that I forget. LOL And, I am so so so so sorry about your pup!! Been there too and it sucks! But what a blessing you are to have TWO more furry family members!! They are lucky to have you. I will check back later to see what else you have to say but you truly are the BEST in blogging and calling it like you see it :) You are so dang funny!

Dawn said...

OMG, I so hope Tyler wins... none of them seem to know what the heck he is doing. Go, Surfer Dude! lol

Jamie said...


Thank you SO MUCH for donating and for all the love! You just totally made my day!!! HUGSS!! :D

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your work on the blog! Been reading for the past 5 years. I am so happy we finally have a good season!

Razldazlrr said...

Jamie - you are so funny! well - last night was a great show except the Swaggy C scripted garbage, Her parents would never want her to be with him - please....... and she's almost genius? sure she is. spoiled her whole life? well, yes that I do believe

I wanted Rockstar to win last night - I thought it would make for a great week! And I thought Angela was over the top in her speech - very mean girl.

Critter said...

Thanks Jamie for all you do! I have followed you for years and always look forward to your posts. You humor brightens my day😂
This season is great!

Fins Up said...

Yeah, Bay’s dad looked real happy to meet Swaggy.

Mike Slagley said...

Hurr durr, she graduated pre-med!

Which means absolutely nothing and means you just graduated undergrad with a useless degree in biology. There's a reason she's a flight attendant instead of in med school and it's not because she had awesome grades.

Gina Stjox said...

Jamie yes awesome blog. I LOVE how you get all the good stuff!! Swaggy segment was bad, can't believe cbs aired that 💩.No baby talk was discussed and Bayleigh clearly does not need the money,their house looked beautiful and huge! As for Angela and her speech to Rachel it's Big Brother. I also hope Bay feels bad after her going off on Rockstar but again it's BB. Almost thought Rockstar was going to get HOH, to maybe hear from her kids. I'd be so worried as a mom on the show but I don't hear her talk about them much. Maybe she can't or it would also put a target on her to get her out. Dam this show is pretty good and like Jamie said it's only half way!! I'd like to see Sam Tyler Kaycee or maybe JC win but we never know til the end!

T-Town Chick said...

Bayleigh was so rude to Rockstar last night. I don’t understand why she thinks it’s okay to treat people that way. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Rockstar fan but she did not deserve the lashing she got. Bayleigh was out of line last night and HAS been out of line since she won HOH. That toxic girl needs to go.

pgh fan said...

Power trip she thinks she is playing. They are all playing her. Mean and uncalled for p

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