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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday Live Eviction Show

Good evening, ladies & gents! The time has come to get rid of another houseguest..possibly. lol Either Kaitlyn or Rockstar will get evicted and then will have to complete a challenge of some sort if they wanna rejoin the houseguests and continue playing the game.

If you're wondering what the Battle Back comp will be, you're in luck because I have a leaked pic of it!!

Hehe ;)

Okay, go grab your snackies and meet me back here at 9pm ET when the show begins!! :D Let's do this!

9:00pm ET:
Welcome to Biiiig Brotherrrrrr!!!

9:07pm ET:
Showing the fallout from Fessy using the veto.

9:14pm ET:
Up next, the vote and Battle Back! But first...

9:17pm ET:
The flip flopping of the votes all week.

9:31pm ET:
Time for the live votes and eviction, and of course the power app! Julie said "first, someone needs to be evicted.." The girls give their final speeches:

Rockstar: Loves her family, HG's are awesome, would love to stay, I have love for everyone including Brett and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn: Thanks to my spiritual teachers, talking about intuition, whatever happens is for the highest good.

The Votes:
JC votes to evict...ROCKSTAR (*whhhhaat?!!!)
Bayliegh votes to evict..KAITLYN
Haleigh votes to evict..KAITLYN
Fessy votes to evict..KAITLYN
Brett votes to evict..KAITLYN
Tyler votes to evict..KAITLYN
Angela votes to evict..KAITYLN
Kaycee votes to evict..KAITLYN
Rachel votes to evict..KAITLYN
Scottie votes to evict..KAITLYN

Evicted from the BB20 House is:

The Bonus Life app came on the screen and Kaitlyn..well..was Kaitlyn. lol

9:49pm ET:
Kaitlyn has to asemble the cut out puzzle of herself inside the glass house in under 2 1/2 mins.


Kaitlyn is officially evicted from the house.

HOH Comp will be shown on Sunday's show. They didn't say if it would happen tonight or not. I'll be on Twitter for the rest of the night, so make sure to follow me there (click the Twitter bird in the top right of the blog). Until tomorrow morning, goodnight & enjoy watching the $6/m live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Leah Pants said...

What is she going to do when she finds out she has no boyfriend?!??

Nicole said...

I’m looking forward to her twitter

Steve Robbins said...

Sam looked really cute tonight.

UnionGrl said...

Sam looked like Rosie the Riveter didn't she? Good look on her. I'm delighted with the outcome because I couldn't take another week of waterworks and whining. JC really threw a spanner in the works - is he trying to undermine Ty? I wonder??

Jon said...

I can't believe Kaitlyn failed that comp. That was so incredibly easy. Big brother deliberately tried to let her back in.

Carrie Thompson said...

Yes. So cute but ugh. I’m so disappointed in Sam. “I’ll stomp a hole through that bitch’s chest.” Says the expert on female empowerment.

Unknown said...

That look Sam gave Kaitlyn while she was balled up on the ground gave me life! 🙌

Unknown said...

Anyone else see the puzzle and think that it was way too easy and rigged for her to come back. Very thankful she didn't

ME J said...

JC may have voted to evict Rockstar bc he wants to pin it on Brett.

Mama B said...

I think JC voted to evict Rockstar just in case Crazy came back into the house.

John said...

Why didn't she simply hit the button when the puzzle was assembled on the floor? Julie's directions were clear "Assemble it in the house" there was no requirement for it being upright on the pedestal.

Trish Deffenbach said...

I guess she didn't "see" that as an option LOL 😁

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