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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday: The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, y'all!! Yesterday was the Veto Comp and we learned that Tyler won the veto. So, what's Tyler's plans this week? Well, it depends on well he can mist Bayleigh into making Scottie the renom and even then, Tyler said he would have to be 100% sure that Scottie would be the renom in order for him to use it.

Bayleigh did even more damage to her game last night (if that's possible). If you remember, the other day she told Rachel about her secret BB App Store power. Rachel then went and told Angela (1:55pm BBT on Friday afternoon). She (Bay) lied to Rachel yesterday (9:00pm BBT) and said that Tyler suggested Angela go up as the renom. (*Girl, what are you doing?! lol)  This led to Rachel's panicking to move up a notch. She believes Bayleigh.

Fast-forward to 9:55pm BBT, Tyler told Angela that he'll only use the veto if he knows for a fact that Scottie will go up as the renom. Yesterday at 6:55pm BBT, Tyler had a talk with Bayleigh and was setting Bayleigh up to do what he wants to do this week: he told her that Scottie is his only true friend in the house and that he tells him everything. Tyler is hoping that if he uses the veto and pisses Bayleigh off for going against her wishes, that she'll retaliate against Tyler by putting up his only friend in the house. I will go on record saying that if this plans works, then I will officially move Tyler into the BB Legend category with Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling.

Anyway, back to the whole 'Bay said Tyler wants Angela up as a renom thing'...

At 10:15pm BBT, Kaycee/Angela have a talk and Kaycee has figured out that Bay has to be lying because it doesn't make any sense and they don't see him saying something like that.
Kaycee: "That doesn't make any sense."

Sidenote: The other girl with Kaycee is a houseguest named Angela. Yes, she's been in there the whole time.

Kaycee said she'll go talk to Tyler.

At 10:25pm BBT, Kaycee talks to Tyler.
Tyler fills Kaycee in on how he's planting seeds with Bayleigh to make her think him/Scottie are really close so that if he saves Brett from the block, then hopefully she gets mad at him for using it and puts up Scottie as retaliation. Kaycee tells Tyler he's so smart. Tyler tells her to get in Bay's ear and lie by saying that "Brett/Tyler/Scottie are in a trio". (*Damn he's good. lol)

Kaycee runs back to Angela with Tyler's plan and now she knows that Tyler's not going against the alliance.

At 11:29pm BBT, Tyler tells Kaycee/Angela/Rachel that he's trying to make Scottie the renom and target this week.

He tells them that Brett is also in Bayleigh's ear telling her how close him (T) and Scottie are. Rachel laughs.

11:55pm BBT:
Tyler talks with Angela. Angela tells him what Rachel said (about Bayleigh saying that Tyler wants Angela up as the renom).

He said no and that never happened. He explains how he's trying to get Scottie up as the renom.
Tyler: "As of now, I"m not using the veto.."

Angela said she's loyal to him and not Rachel. Later on around 12:10am BBT, they talk about if they have the votes to get Rachel out this week.

**And that's it for this Overnighter! Well, it seems like Rachel's mistrust of the alliance and her freaking out just might get her sent out the door this week. The only way Tyler would use the veto, is if he knows 100% for sure that Scottie would go up as the renom, but that'd be long shot at this point. With that being said, if anyone in that house could pull off such a move like this, it'd be Tyler, so you never know where the chips will fall.

Later on, I'll have a post that's not BB related, so check for that in about an hour or so. Also don't forget that tonight we have a new BB20 episode! We'll get to see the HOH comp that Bayleigh won and her nominations. Until then, enjoy the $6/ live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Toddmichael Janiszewski said...

"Sidenote: The other girl with Kaycee is a houseguest named Angela. Yes, she's been in there the whole time."

Bwhahahahahahahahahahahah!!! She's literally invisible on the broadcasts and even on live feeds half the time for me.

Dianne said...

Tyler may be top dog but in his efforts to knock down the other side he is ignoring a bigger threat, JC. I may be crazy, but I see JC as being this season's Josh.

Robin Maynard said...

Dianne - 100% agree. Jamie thanks for all you do.

MonicaW said...

What happened to the Wil Show? Hope all is well with Wil.

Corey Official BB said...

If Tyler uses Veto his game will be exposed, it's time for him to cut bait with that alliance, they literally have done nothing in the game, week 1 Tyler trucked Kaitlyn, Brett and Winston bro out, Angela, Rachel and Kaycee laid around and tanned and worked out and talked about outside the house, Week 2 Tyler convinced Kaitlyn to backdoor Swaggy, Brett and Winston Bro out, Angel, Rachel and Kaycee tanned, slept and talk how great their alliance is.
Week 3 Winston was gunned down, while Brett pouted, Angela, Rachel and Kaycee slept, tanned and had hammock talks with each other, Tyler could not stop Scotties wrath. Week 4 Tyler made sure Sam put up 2 people from the other side, while Angela,Brett, Rachel and Kaycee all slept,worked out(Brett) and Tanned, Now Bayleigh is going to get one of them and they have already decided to turn on Rachel and vote her out. Tyler does not want to be stuck with the 3 girls he has carried them far enough, his game will become in Jeopardy because I dont believe she will touch the other sides , she been counting numbers since she won.

UnionGrl said...

An astute observation Corey. I understand being uneasy about being up for eviction but to freak-out - what did you expect? That's the way the show is organized - people go home each week. If Rachel had been a little less defensive and pretended to be more trusting she wouldn't be in the hole she dug with her attitude.

I don't get Angela - what does she do besides look good? I really like Kaycee and being invisible is a great super power to have.

Dianne said...

Tyler may be top dog but in his efforts to knock down the other side he is ignoring a bigger threat, JC. I may be crazy, but I see JC as being this season's Josh.

HurlyBurly said...

Tyler won't use veto, so give it another week before cutting bait. He's still got the other side fooled. If his alliance doesn't win HOH, then it's time to change it up because of the numbers. But I believe him and Kaycee have F2, and Brett/Angela are at least steady loyal to the alliance, they just need to start winning. Of course Bay's power could mess up any badly needed win they get:)

UnionGrl said...

Just a note. If Bay uses her power - would you stand for that if you were HOA? I don't care what BB bosses have to say I would definitely let that bit of info get out. And then our girl will have to deal with the fallout. The gag order can't last forever and just as soon as the restrictions were lifted I would hunt her down and kill her. It's a terrible app and they never should have created it.

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